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The Dark.

by smkndfmnstr

I sat alone in my room again

The room was dark and sealed. No light or sounds came in. all I could do is feel the air. It was empty, infinitely empty

I experienced dead silence

I could feel the deafening lack of noise. With nothing being said, it was all so loud.

Out of the silence came a tapping

The smallest sound that could only be heard in the dark, deadly, silence. But from where did it come? The noise felt surrounding

I rose from the lone chair

And though I could not where I was, or where I was going, I searched

I must have walked for hours

But never did the sound change. It stayed centered around me, gnawing at my brain

Out of the tapping came words

Starting as soft little whispers of words I knew but could not make out

As they grew louder I could hear what they say

Things like "Die" and "Get out" still circled around my head. The voices seemed to be endless. From them i could not run

Then they began to yell

I feared for my life as the voices grew violent. They planted thoughts in my head about death, bleeding, and sorrow. The voices were still infinite and wouldn't leave me alone

Then suddenly things changed

As I ran and ran away from myself, I ran into a wall. This wall was made of glass, a mirror I soon realised

That was my worst fear

Or at least that's what the voices said, I had to face myself. But it was not me in the mirror, it was a being not of this world

A demon of sorts

A tall black figure with deep, bleeding red eyes, and long spear like fingers that extended from the glass

Before I could move away

The demon reached out and stuck its razor-like finger straight through my head. And I fell to the floor

As I hit the ground

The last of my air was pushed out of my body, it almost felt releiving

The next day

The police came with an ambulance. They found me alone in my room, dead on the floor, with a gun in my hand

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