How Being a Full-time Dad can Improve Your Life Skills
How Being a Full-time Dad can Improve Your Life Skills stories

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How Being a Full-time Dad can Improve Your Life Skills

by smithcn

I'm taking a year out of work to be my son's principal carer

It's an awesome experience and I'm learning a lot. Not just about caring for an 18 month-old but about myself too.

I'm trying to set a good example for my son

It's made me think about what I do and say and how I am perceived. For example, I take more care with the words I use and check my cellphone much less than I used to.

I feel I'm much more patient than I was before

After all, you can't rush a small child. I find that I have to adapt my pace to his but instead of being frustrated by this I'm finding it helps me to focus.

My attention to detail has improved

As I have to take things slower for my son, I have more time to look at and experience things - such as small details of the world around me that before I would have ignored.

I'm better at planning now

Taking my son out of the home is a major logistical challenge so I have had to get better at planning. Forget a favourite toy or an essential baby item and I'm in big trouble!

Then there's budgeting

As I 've given up full time employment for a year I am much more conscious of all things financial. I've got better at setting a budget (and sticking to it).

I think I've got better at communicating

Having a small child has made me much more careful about what I say and how I say it. I think about my audience much more than before.

And, I've been forced to get out of my comfort zone

Just being around a small child is something that I never thought I'd be doing or wanted to do before I became a full-time dad. I'm surprisingly comfortable with it now.

Will I go back to work a different person?

Yes - definitely. Not just because I have become a dad but because being a dad has changed me - for the better I hope.

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2 years agoReply
It probably sounds selfish but the hardest thing has been the loss of 'me' time - time to myself to do fun but non-essential things. Although in theory I have one day 'off' at weekends I still find I am unable to disappear out to the workshop or hideaway with a book because I feel guilty that I am not helping my wife look after my son on that day. Putting this Pencil slideshow together is one of the few 'me' things I've done in recent months. However, I know that as my son grows older I will have more 'me' time as he becomes more self-confident and independent.

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
2 years agoReply
What has been hardest part of being a dad?

2 years agoReply
Thanks for your kind words, Sydney. I gave up work on 29 July last year so am almost 7 months into my year.

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
2 years agoReply
This is amazing and really touching. I always hear people talking about how hard it is, few talking about how much they've grown from it. Major props! How long are you into the year of being a full time dad?