One Year Later
One Year Later first-love stories

smilealittleanother soul in the infinte universe
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Based on my first love, and how it happened so fast and it left just as fast.

One Year Later

by smilealittle

I fell for you on a May afternoon a couple of days after my birthday.

I met you in a March morning few days after a personal tragdey

Maybe this is why I thought you were God Because you kinda made the pain just stop.

We shared our first kiss on a saturday night. Under a streetlight as you walked me home.

A few days later I saw your imperfections but I never thought less In fact i loved you more

When summer began our summer romanced flared up I was hopelessly in love with you under a June sun

When July came, I guess we were burning to bright The fire was put out By my tears as you left me there

August came and our hearts were still together but not with the other. We decide to ignite once more

September was here, Showing signs of change But i didn't care I had you there.

October, the month of masks. The night I spent with you I should have known, It would never last

November. Fall was here. And i was like one of the leaves that hit the ground

December, it was no better. Still begging you to stay, even though winter Has blown you so far away.

January, was a fresh start for me. The winter has frozen the wounds on my heart We offically say goodbye.

February just brought memories of what if's and could be's. But somehow, it all just stopped hurting me

March and it is one year later. Months later and we are now strangers Seems like we never existed. The memories in my head are the only proof it happend.

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