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smg Nevertheless, I still felt forsaken.
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I'm back from my break!

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Thank you for tagging me to answer the ten questions, @coldcut <3 I'll use this opportunity to become active here again, as I was on a break before. I guess it's time to come back :)

1- What is your favorite time of day to write a poem/piece? ~ Night! 2- If you were a drink, what drink would you be? ~ Coffee! I can't live without it.

3- What do most people describe you as, or what is your nickname? ~ Kind, friendly, and soft- spoken. 4- Which movie/series character do you think is remarkable? ~ Lee Gon, from The King: Eternal Monarch! [K-drama]

5- Which book(s) would you read all over again? ~ Heroes of Olympus, The Fates Divide and Carve The Mark. 6- What is your most favorite meal of all time? ~ Subway sandwich! I would eat it every day.

7- Eliminate one only: your phone, your all-time favorite meal, your job/education, or vacation? ~ ...agh. I think my all-time favorite meal. Dx

8- Which video game/board game/ game is your favorite? ~ As of now, Genshin Impact! If anyone else plays it, let me know in the comments so I can add you. I lack friends.

9- What would you warn about or tell your younger self if you could? ~ I would tell myself to stop being cringy so I can live with dignity in the future, and to be more productive.

10- Which day or month do/did you look forward to most this year and why? ~ My birthday because why not? And the first day of vacation.

Now for my questions!

1- What's your zodiac sign? 2- What quality do you look for in a friend? 3- What is your favorite quality that you see in yourself? 4- If you could live anywhere, where would it be? 5- What is your biggest fear?

6- What is your favorite flavour of ice cream? 7- If you could choose to be stuck in a room with either spiders or lizards, which one would you choose? 8- Have you ever finished writing a diary? 9- What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

10- What are you grateful for the most? That is all. Take care! I'll try to post every week from now on.

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