Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 5. Pt 2)
Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 5. Pt 2) medieval fantasy stories

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The War in the Black has begun for the Black Legion and Andy is too drunk to deal with it.

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 5. Pt 2)

Andy struggled to her feet, feeling a burning sensation on her back. She slowly arched up and smelled smoke to go along with it. She looked over her shoulder and saw that her armor was on fire.

"Aaahh!" she screamed, going from dazed to completely active and terrified.

She rolled back and forth on the ground to put out the flames, flailing her arms around as she screamed to the high Empyrean, even after the flames were out.

She only stopped when a large figure appeared from the smoke and called her name. "Andelyn?"

Halfway through an awkward roll, Andy found herself being stared at by Quintus, struck with a peculiar look on his face.

She shrugged her arms and said, "Surprise! I've come to save you!" She finally noticed both Jack and Astrid on both of his shoulders, though Astrid was banging her arms against his back.

As Malum and Lucy followed him through the smoke, Andy saw they were both injured. Lucy still held her arm while Malum held his side.

Quintus took his hand off Jack for a moment to start batting away the smoke.

"You'll take forever," Lucy said as she brought out her tentacle arm and batted the smoke away.

Andy's makeshift bomb didn't just blow a hole into the warlock's hold, it blew a hole to the outside, five stories up.

"Fuck, Andy, what the hell did you do?!" Lucy yelled at her as she brought out two more tentacle arms from the slits on the back of her jacket. She wrapped one around Andy to bring her closer.

'Don't think horny thoughts, don't think horny thoughts,' Andy thought to herself as Lucy held her close. Andy could feel the suction cups seep their... hopefully water...

into her armor, and knew wholeheartedly, 'The horny thoughts have taken over.'

Then she looked outside and horrified thoughts followed.

It finally made sense to Andy, soldiers from Raydorn, Krone, and Susanna were all attacking the Black Legion.

All around the coliseum-like structure, they could see their friends being slaughtered by sheer numbers.

All who wore the Legion's void of colors found themselves opposed by a temporary truce between the nations at war.

Each of the leaders watched from high above, as assassins were stripped of their cloaks and their masks, medics slain in their retreat, soldiers overcome by spears and swords,

and ships set aflame.

"Where do we go?" Astrid asked, having stopped fighting Quintus to see the destruction.


They turned back to see the Aurora Knight, his sword in one hand as the other laid limp at his side, a bone jutting out of it.

"We fight with our people," Quintus said before jumping off the side and falling several stories.

"Fuck that, I'm taking a boat!" Lucy shouted as she jumped after Quintus, carrying Andy down with her.

Malum alone stayed as the Aurora Knight readied his blade at him. Andy looked back at the opening, waiting for the assassin to follow, wondering what keeps him.

'He must be wondering if he'll ever have another chance at Kion.'

Before Andy could have another thought, Malum's black cloak came out, led by his mask. Fucking Valhall.

Andy felt Lucy's tentacle squeeze around as the pirate warned her, "You're gonna get sick, warning you now!"

Lucy began slapping tentacle after tentacle on the wall, peeling the last one off as the other came on, slowing and controlling her descent.

It seemed to be working, but Andy could hardly tell as she kept spinning as Lucy twisted them back and forth.

She barely saw how Astrid hung to Quintus's neck, and how he slowed their descent by digging his fingers into the wall.

Andy did notice how Lucy stared at him as if she was waiting for something.

Then they hit the ground, one after the other. Lucy managed to land with a soft pat, Andy's world spinning faster than they were actually moving.

Quintus leaped off the wall with a stomp and a slam, leaving a bit of an impact crater in the ground.

Malum leaped off the wall towards a tent and cart, falling through it, using the fruit as his cushion.

Quintus put down Astrid and Jack to help Malum, as Lucy released Andy, and then the three of them collectively hurled.

'Whelp, even the mere idea of tentacles has been ruined for me,' Andy admitted to herself

Before Lucy could walk away, Andy grabbed her shapeshifting arm. Andy told her, "I had our people get your boat ready? Do you know where it is?"

"Two things," Lucy said, holding up two fingers, "it's a ship, not a boat, and yes, you beautiful quick-thinker, let's go!"

Lucy picked Andy up by the arm to bring her to her feet, but Andy was able to run herself after a few steps, as was Jack and Malum after they were helped to their feet.

Lucy called to Quintus that they could head to her ship, and pointed in the only direction where there was no fire. Quintus nodded his head and started paving the way.

He grabbed a wood post that made up a tent and its conjoined cart, then ripped it out to start bashing people out of the way in pairs.

Their group quickly formed ranks behind him, with Andy and Jack taking up the rear.

'Channeling a bear could really give a beast-man that much strength?' Andy thought of Quintus.

Andy watched Jack look around, and gripped his shoulder to keep him moving.

"Hey!" he shouted.

"Listen, no bullshit, I know you're tired from using your Iligsia but we need to fucking move," she told him.

"I know, I know, I just..." Jack tried to get out, but running and talking were taking too much out of him.

His Iligsia is of the Wind, and as ironic as it may sound, it tended to take his breath away.

Andy put her usual ribbing aside, to put his arm over her shoulder and take some of the weight off his legs.

As they kept pace, Jack muttered to himself at the horror of it all. "I can't believe they betrayed us, they feared us so much that they'd rather kill us all."

"We can take it as a compliment later, you have to focus now, Starshield."

Jack looked out at the people around them. He trained most of the Black Legion that lined the ground. They learned how to fight from him, and it meant nothing against the overwhelming odds.

'It must truly kill him.'

Andy looked out, among some of the Black Legion who still held out, and the legionnaires who laid dead surrounded by bodies.

'They needed a truce to wipe us out, but they won't succeed.'

To those still left, Andy shouted, "Black Legion! Retreat this way!" and continued to call that as stragglers joined their ranks, following Quintus and the others they recognized.

Andy could hear more commotion as they continued on. The Black Legion should be on its last legs yet the battle should no signs of slowing.

The clanging of swords, roars, and the blasts of Iligsia only grew louder and louder. Andy realized that the soldiers of Gronina were ignoring them, that they had come to fight each other.

'No truce can truly last, and this one didn't make it to the morning.'

"There!" Lucy called as she pointed to the few legion ships not burning in the lake harbor.

At the sound of that, Malum unsheathed his sword and raced forward. He ran up Quintus's back to leap over the heads of their enemies and start cutting them down faster.

Lucy followed his lead and unsheathed her sword, and turned her injured arm into an octopus's tentacle with a pain-filled scream.

Those two joined Quintus in clearing a path to the ship, but Astrid stayed back. She passed her ax to her left and got under Jack's left arm to help Andy carry him faster.

Together, they didn't lose a shred of momentum as they moved to the ships being defended by living legionnaires.

"Hear the storm!" Astrid called out, despite the sky being quite clear on this terrible day.

In return, she heard the chants of more than two dozen people carrying mad weapons, beating the three nations away from the ships, alongside what remained of Jack's youngest recruits.

As crossbowmen of Susanna tried to ready flaming arrows for the legion's sails, arrows came from the shadows to cut them down.

Malum was quick to call out to, "Sigma!" as he ran ahead of his group to leap onto the side of the boat.

He quickly climbed up, pulled over the side by his own assassins, and soon after boarding planks were coming down to meet them.

'We can't waste any more time,' Andy knew so she shouted to the ships, "Depart! Depart now!" even as she and Astrid were still hauling Jack onto the ship.

"Hey! This is my ship!" Lucy yelled at Andy as she whipped her arm against a dozen enemy soldiers.

"Not the time," Quintus told Lucy as he ran up to one of their three ships being kept in port. The enemy tied ropes to their bolts and tried to pull the ship in port.

Quintus alone pushed, with sweat dripping down his face, and did so against the strength of a dozen men.

The men fell over as the mid-size schooner moved to join Lucy's frigate and the brig already opening their sails to head down the river.

Lucy yelled at Quintus, "What do we do now?!" looking around and finding her and Quintus surrounded after their legionnaires escape.

Quintus looked to her, utterly baffled. "What do you think? We fucking swim!" he shouts before grabbing her and leaping off the high pier into the water.

Before the enemy could come at them with crossbows, Lucy brought out the tentacles from her back and turned her legs into tentacles too to push her and Quintus after their ships.

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