Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 1)
Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 1) medieval fantasy stories

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The story opens at the beginning of a war between the three great nations of Western Gronina. They all want the largest mercenary army on the continent, the Black Legion. Whichever country, Raydorn, Krone, or Susanna, gains their help, will likely win the war above all others. The powers that be behind the three nations agreeing that none of them are willing to take that chance. Together, they hatch a scheme to betray and slaughter most of the Black Legion.

Now on the run from the only homes they’ve ever known, the remaining leaders of the Black Legion must rebuild their mercenary army before they’re wiped out. And above all, they must do so before the ones behind the war complete their terrible scheme to take over Gronina. But how can a bunch of people who kill for money possibly come to trust each other? How can they possibly learn to do what’s right? The only way to find out is by fighting against the world. Here’s hoping they survive.

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 1)

Jack took a gander of three experienced warriors, each approaching the legionnaires with their own entourage.

They each came leading their own pack, but the Black Legion walked far apart from each other. To Jack, they appeared to be giving their opponents a distinct advantage.

"They'll separate us in an instant," Jack muttered to himself, watching how calmly his comrades moved.

These were the people who were supposed to have his back, and they didn't seem to have a care in the world.

"Am I the only one who's nervous?" Jack asked them.

"Probably," Lucy said, "it's not like you have anything better to do."

"Fucking Valhall," Jack cursed.

"Gronina has truly come to represent, no?" Quintus tells Jack.

Before Jack could say a word, Malum warned, "Be on your guard."

"Oh thank god," Jack sighed, "there's someone out here who's actually thinking-"


Jack was interrupted by what sounded like cannon fire. "What was that?!" Jack said, right after Quintus pushed him out of the way of an incoming bullet.

"Watch yourself, Starhshield!" Quintus yelled before charging at the enemies who had begun to roar like animals.

"What in all fucking Hedone are we doing?!" Jack said as he saw a spear flying his way.

All it takes is a flick of his fingers to send it far away with a gust of the wind.

It takes seconds for the skirmish to surround him.

"When did this all happen?!" he screamed to himself as he looked around, finding that without warning, the war had come to him.

With the warning of footsteps, Jack found himself attacked by a soldier adorned in blue and gold steel armor.

A man of Raydorn, Jack knew, his own countryman... He thought that would be hard to tell by the attempt on his life.

Jack's demeanor flipped on a dime. The worried, shocked expression darkened, and his hands stop waving around him to settle on the hilt of his sword.

The Rayne soldier tried to stab Jack with his spear, but Jack sidestepped him. He turned around as he unsheathed his sword, bringing the pommel into the back of the soldier's head.

Jack watched him fall to the ground with a clinical eye. Right before the soldier landed on his nose, Jack muttered to himself, "No soldier of mine would attack like that."

"Starshield!" he heard someone call his name.

"Does everyone here fucking know me?" Jack complained as he turned towards the sight of a man adorned in so many wolf skins it could only be described as ridiculous.

The man's beard covered his mouth, and it was so thick that Jack couldn't figure out if his mouth was moving as he spoke, "You are Jack Starshield, the deserter."

Jack squinted, inspecting the old yet ageless man before him. "I'm sorry, are you the one-"

The man raised his ax and declared, "You took the secrets of our creed to the bastard Thorn!"

"Yeah, you are talking to me," Jack finished his thought. He raised his hands to the man, "Listen, I was released from service to Iron Rock, no desertion, no-"

"You took the secrets of the Pain and brought them to the money-licking fucks of Iron Rock!" the man yelled louder, lightning roaring from his axes even more than before.

"Oh wow, you're not listening at all."

The man twirled his axes, readying them in a way almost masturbatory. He made his voice drop by at least several octaves to snarl and growl.

"For your betrayal against our order, I will take back your Iligsia by removing you of your head, if my name is not Stygis the Wolfhunter!"

"Oooohhh," Jack whispered, "that's who you are. You know, the wolf skins really should have given it away, and the whole pretentious protectiveness of a corrupt institution that, well, haha...

" Jack pulled out his sword and with it, the Wind. "I really should have known you were the douchebag Andy was talking about."

Jack's demeanor hardened again as he told the Wolfhunter, "I'm ready for your best shot."

The Wolfhunter lifted his axes in a rage and slammed them down. He confirmed all that his appearance would have you think with a primal snarl.

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