Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 2)
Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 2) medieval fantasy stories

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The story opens at the beginning of a war between the three great nations of Western Gronina. They all want the largest mercenary army on the continent, the Black Legion. Whichever country, Raydorn, Krone, or Susanna, gains their help, will likely win the war above all others. The powers that be behind the three nations agreeing that none of them are willing to take that chance. Together, they hatch a scheme to betray and slaughter most of the Black Legion.

Now on the run from the only homes they’ve ever known, the remaining leaders of the Black Legion must rebuild their mercenary army before they’re wiped out. And above all, they must do so before the ones behind the war complete their terrible scheme to take over Gronina. But how can a bunch of people who kill for money possibly come to trust each other? How can they possibly learn to do what’s right? The only way to find out is by fighting against the world. Here’s hoping they survive.

Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 2. Pt 2)


The rifle went off, blasting a cloud of smoke into half of the sharpshooter's face. With his other eye, the rifle's wielder saw Malum move one of Susanna's own in the way of the bullet.

Malum was lucky that the rifle needed to be reloaded with every ball of lead.

"Five seconds," Malum told himself before he rushed the Jitari Blade.

Five seconds was how long it took for the wielder of Yuanfang to reload his weapon, and in that time Malum came at him fast. Of course, there were men in the way.

Malum may have been an assassin, and assassins were quiet, stealthy creatures by nature, but still Malum could move.

Out in the open, he could not risk long combat when his one opponent was at a range and the rest were in armor.

The first Susannan came at Malum with a Dao sword much like Malum's and swung like Malum. There was a chop, but with Malum's speed, he was able to dodge and swipe at the man's hand.

In a move, the soldier had been disarmed, and wide open for Malum to attack something unarmored.

The soldier looked down at his trembling hand, with this burning sensation removing him of all other feelings.

He thought Malum was going to behead him then and there, but then the five seconds were up.


Malum grabbed the soldier and used him as his armor. The soldier took the musket ball to the back. It knocked the wind out of him but didn't pierce his armor.

Those who follow the wielder of Yuanfang wore bulletproof armor for this particular reason, so Yuanfang couldn't be tricked into killing them.

Still, the man felt more than a little woozy. In fact, he looked like death when Malum let go of him and let him fall to the ground.

The soldiers that followed all looked to their fallen comrade and then to Malum in shock. He had felled their comrade and left him twitching, seemingly paralyzed on the ground.

'When?' they must have wondered. They hadn't seen it. They had only seen him cut their comrade's hand and then use him as a bullet shield.

Even Yuanfang's wielder hesitated, and then Malum had two more seconds.

Malum used them to cross the distance to the next man, who swung and missed Malum. Malum slid so he could cut at the ankle.

The next soldier of Susanna tried to stab Malum's side with his spear. All he saw was Malum grab the spear's shaft, and pull the man off his feet.

Malum's black cloak billowed like a cape behind him, threatening to consume the sight of the man who would fall to Malum next.


The soldier felt Malum's sword cut his hand, and when he slides across the ground, he felt his body slow grow numb, as if on fire. He fell right next to the one Malum cut at the ankles.

Together they were as confused as they were terrified by how completely non-lethal blows locked them to the ground.

But the wielder of Yuanfang knew.

"Siwang," the man said, just as Malum had turned around. The name made Malum freeze in place. It did not matter that he wore a mask, his surprise had been given away.

The wielder of Yuanfang, lowered his rifle to inspect Malum further. "<Yes, you wield, Siwang,>" he called out in Susannan, "<the sword that may kill with but a cut.>"

"<Or paralyze,>" Malum answers. "<If you're dead, Susanna may not hire us.>"

"<The Republic of Susanna will never need for dogs like you, as I will prove.>" Then sharpshooter promised as he took aim again.

Malum leaped far just as the shot fired off. He felt the wind whip past his back as the lead ball cut a hole into his flowing cloak.

"Five seconds," Malum repeated to himself, just as he ducked under a lame soldier's stab, managing to trip him in the same breath.

Malum was like a wizard, performing magic as he demonstrated martial arts beyond what these soldiers could perform. He was lightning, moving between them.

One could stab at him with a spear, and he would duck to the ground, sweep their legs, and cut them once for good measure. It was all in a single breath, a single move, and a few seconds.

Yuanfang fired, again and again, missing Malum as he leaped over the head of a soldier, slashing him faster than anyone can see.

Malum zipped between the sharpshooter's men like a blur. The sharpshooter never quite realized that his soldiers were dropping like flies until he was alone, and Malum was coming for him.

It would have been horrifying for anyone else, to see this white mask of a ghoul, followed by a shapeless black mass. Anyone else would have seen Siwang appearing from nowhere and quake in fear.

The Jitari Arts Malum has mastered allowed him to close the gap, but the same martial arts style that the sharpshooter learned allowed him to stay calm, and move Malum into his sights.

"<Not a body shield left,>" the shooter muttered, as Malum had nowhere to go.


The bullet ripped through the black mass. The mask disappeared, and the black mass flew back.

For a moment, Yuanfang appeared victorious, and then the black mass whipped over Malum's head, revealing the man underneath.

Malum threw his cloak, and it flew past him, as he stepped within the sharpshooter's range and swung up.



The sharpshooter barely knew what hit him as Yuanfang was knocked into the air, and he was knocked to the ground.

The last thing he saw before the lights went off and on in his head, was the high kick he received to the face.

When he opened his eyes and spun to his knees with his knife out, his throat was met by Siwang.

"<This is the part where you give up unless you want to know to be paralyzed for the next 6 hours,>" Malum warned him.

The sharpshooter looked Malum up and down, trying to find some weakness, some chink in the metaphorical armor. Malum had none, no sign of a wound, or a shaky leg, so he would have to make one.

"<Tell me, does the stench of your betrayal keep you up at night, or have your nostrils grown used to what makes the rest of us gag?>"

Malum's head tilted just a bit. "<You're assuming more than a little about me.>"

"<You have a Jitari Blade, and it's beyond obvious to me that you know Jitari Arts.

I see no way how you could possess either if you were not of Susanna, and if you were not the one, you would have to be in league with the one who stole Siwang.

"<And now you use both to serve a white man's mercenary army, for money tainted by the blood of your own. Yes, I assume, and I do so correctly.>"

"Hmm, I supposed you do," Malum told him, in a language the sharpshooter didn't understand.

"<Don't look away from me!>" the sharpshooter yelled, which caught Malum off guard right before he kicked dirt towards the assassin.

Malum swung the sword to nick the sharpshooter but struck nothing. Rather, he was struck at the ankle, and brought to the ground.

Malum was quick to roll back to his feet, only to hear a click.

The Black Legion assassin suddenly found himself looking down the barrel of Yuanfang after the sharpshooter had added a few useful attachments to it.

An ammunition belt, and a blade under its barrel, one that made Yuanfang glow a new blue hue.

"<Did you think the Dynastan would leave its treasured soldier unprepared in the case that all others fell before me?>"

Malum slowly raised Siwang in defense. "<I had hoped.>"

"<You hoped wrong.>"


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