Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 1. Pt 1)
Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 1. Pt 1) multicultural fantasty stories

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The story opens at the beginning of a war between the three great nations of Western Gronina. They all want the largest mercenary army on the continent, the Black Legion. Whichever country, Raydorn, Krone, or Susanna, gains their help, will likely win the war above all others. The powers that be behind the three nations agreeing that none of them are willing to take that chance. Together, they hatch a scheme to betray and slaughter most of the Black Legion.

Now on the run from the only homes they’ve ever known, the remaining leaders of the Black Legion must rebuild their mercenary army before they’re wiped out. And above all, they must do so before the ones behind the war complete their terrible scheme to take over Gronina. But how can a bunch of people who kill for money possibly come to trust each other? How can they possibly learn to do what’s right? The only way to find out is by fighting against the world. Here’s hoping they survive.

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Raydorn: The War in the Black (Chapter 1. Pt 1)

"Jack, your boyfriend just cut a guy's head off," Andy called to the back of the cell.

The aforementioned Jack turned pink as most in the pits with him laughed at his expense.

"Hmm," Jack grumbled before sitting up, unable to standby without watching. He walked up to the bars beside Andelyn.

There she scowled and grumbled at his presence, to which he responded with a roll of his eyes.

After their back and forth, they looked out the gladiator door together upon the arena, taking in the adoring crowd.

Even when beside someone who makes her blood boil, Andelyn Stella couldn't help but be amazed by the way the crowd cheered.

"They don't do stuff like this back home," Andy remarked to herself.

"Yeah, Raydorn likes to avoid all the senseless murder and violence of Krone."

"We did help make the place," Andy said.

Jack's eyes squint as he thinks of a response. "Fair... but I doubt this is what we thought we were going to use it for, disgusting, bloody deathmatches."

"God, you're boring, why does Kion like you?" Andy asked facetiously.

"That's, well... that's rude."

"Sure, yeah, the violence is gross, excessive, and rather pointless, something I might remind you, you're about to join in." Andy's words made Jack grimace.

"That crowd is full of people from across Raydorn, Krone, and Susanna, all here to cheer on the champions. Just... look away from your boyfriend for a second, and see how everyone's just...

happy. Not only are they happy, they're giving us glory, they're searing us into their memory.

"We're becoming timeless," she said as she pointed her gaze at Jack, clenching her hand as if reaching for something just out of her reach, "don't you see that?"

Jack's face became pale like Andy's in the face of her ideas.

"No," he said, "I don't see this as something I want to be remembered for."

Andy grunted as she turned from him. She shook her head at all he was about to have, and all he didn't appreciate.

"Your loss, who cares what it's for, just care that we're being remembered at all!"

"We?" Jack questioned, "You're the lucky bastard who doesn't have to fight."

Jack smirked, as if proud to have zinged back at Andelyn Stella for once, but then Andelyn gave him the worst of all glares, and he knew he did her wrong.

He tried to apologize, "Andy, I'm-"

But she cut him off, accidentally but happily smacking him with her overly brown hair. She could hear Jack sighing behind her as she moved down the line.

Andy looked over the leaders of their mercenary band. The best warriors from across Gronina gathered to prostrate themselves in the name of a high lord's pocket.

And how would they fill the Earl of Iron Rock's pocket?.


War is a good business as any, but there is no glory in mining or farming. There is only glory in the fight, and I'm stuck without any special powers or weapons to fight with.

I'm always stuck patching up those who do.

Andy stopped when she noticed the black hole in the room. Who does he think he's hiding from?

She crossed her arms and looked at it with a smirk. "We didn't think you were going to make it, Mal."

The short Susannan woman sitting next to the corner, Astrid, looked up from polishing thin air. She had a look of confusion that anyone could justify turning on her.

"Mal?" she asked.

"Did you just see me now?" asked the masked man as he appeared from the shadows.

"AAAAHH!" Astrid screamed. She quite literally jumped out of her seat and hit the ground like a sad sack of potatoes.

The figure in a black cloak and armor merely glanced at Astrid's way before he asked Andy, "How did you see me? I thought even my mask was hidden."

"I'm used to you sneaking up on us," Andy said, which made the masked Malum tilt his head before grumbling something unintelligible.

Astrid bounced back to her feet, standing at Malum's shoulder, glaring at him with burning rage... and a pole with an empty burning end?

"You can't creep up on people like that!" Astrid screamed at him.

Malum kept his voice rather monotone to speak to her. "I'm an assassin, that's quite literally my job."

"Well, are you trying to assassinate anyone here?" Astrid asked before gesturing to the lot of them in the pit.

"If I am, I'm not exactly at liberty to say," Malum reasoned, shrugging at her with no answer.

Astrid squinted her almond eyes at him, and pursed her dark lips too, her whole face contorting in a way that made her mouth expressions appear smaller and smaller.

At the same time, his mask hid any and all reactions. In this tiny little mutter, Astrid told him, "I see you're still an arrogant ass."

"And you're still a petulant child but I keep that to myself," Malum retorted as he aptly sat where Astrid was sitting and took out his cloth to polish his blade.

Andy tried to hide her chuckles with her hand.

Who could blame her? Astrid appeared like an overgrown child with the way she thrusted her hands down into fists and her face grew red like a tomato?

Astrid screamed as she raised her pole, and then fire shined from its top.

That's when Andy remembered that the axhead was invisible.

"Astrid!" Andy screamed, drawing the attention of almost everyone in the pit as she slammed it down towards Malum's head.


"Huh?" Astrid said as Malum's head remained completely intact, and Andy's arms wrapped around her chest.

Malum turned his head and found Astrid's ax embedded into the wall, inches away from cutting him in half.

He huffed and continued to polish his sword.

Astrid looked between Malum and her weapon, and immediately her shoulders slumped in a sort of defeat.

Andy opened her eyes and saw how Astrid messed up.

As Andy let Astrid go, the short woman's mouth started to pucker before she squeezed her eyes shut and pressed both hands to her cheeks.

"Aaahhh!!!!" she screamed, "I made the blade too big!"

They could hear Malum audibly sighed. "I see that I live another day."

Astrid stepped back, squatted, and pointed her finger violently at Malum. "We'll see about that!"

Then she went to pull her weapon out of the wall.

She tugged and it didn't move an inch.

Andy could barely cover her mouth.

"Oh no," Astrid squeaked, then threw her whole body into trying to make her invisible ax move.

She jumped on the wall, planted her feet on the handle, started trying to stomp on it, making unintelligible whines the whole time.

"I'll be fine," Malum told Andy as the medic barely contained her laughter.

"I'm sure, but what about her?"

"She'll figure out the solution soon enough... or she won't."

Astrid paused and put her angry face right next to his... upside down.

"Were you talking about me?" she mumbled, with air in her cheeks.



Andy's attention was torn from Astrid and Malum as she heard Harry call her name from the back.

In the dark depths of the pits, another would not have seen him without his torch.

The warriors were stuck in the old sanctums of Krone's gladiators. They would wait there in the dark before they were unleashed for the crowd.

The man called her over, one named, Harris Thorn, Lord of House Thorn, owner of their Black Legion, Earl of Iron Rock... or Harry to her.

"Harry, what the fuck are you yelling my name for?".

"Quintus here cut himself after that whole... whatever that was. Can you patch him up? We don't have much time before he's up next."

Andy took her first step just before she hearing the loud snoring on the stone seat next to her.

She then heard Harry also ask her to, "Wake up Lucy, would you? No one needs to see her dumbass fight half-asleep."

Andy looks down at the woman from the far east below her. I still wonder how she got here.

You would think the pirate clothing would give Andy the answer to her question, but one would have to sail around the continent to get from the east side of Krone to Raydorn by boat.

Andy kicked Lucy's knee, making her shutter and drop her sea captain's hat to the ground. Lucy's head came up for air with her eyes half-open and twitching as she remembered where she was.

Slowly, with long, tangled, brown in front of half her face, Lucy looked up at Andy and cried, "Whhhyyyy?!"

Andy crossed her arms, as she smirked down at the woman. "No wants to watch you sleep."

Lucy presented her wheatish complexion with her hands and said, "But I'm adorable."

"You snore."

"I do not!"

Everyone in the pit together agreed, "You do!"

Lucy looked at everyone with a look of betrayal before she put herself back together. She sat up straight, lick her hand, righted her hair, and crossed her arms.

"This hardly seems like the time to let me know."

Then as if to get under Andy's skin, she whipped her arm into that of an octopus to snatch her hat off the ground and put it back on her head.

Andy stood back in disgust, before taking it as the taunt it is. A taunt Lucy continued as she righted her hat and smirk, before deciding to ball her fists.

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