Short AU; Taekook edition → "Physician x Patient"
Short AU; Taekook edition → "Physician x Patient"  taekook stories

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Brief: Where Kim Taehyung gets into a car wreck, and the person who has been assigned to take care of him is no other than his ex's younger brother, who so happens to be a physician.

Short AU; Taekook edition → "Physician x Patient"

Taehyung is awakened by the sound of some of the nurses inside the building. Once fully awaken, the brunette looks around the room and eyes the outside while looking through the mirror.

He sees a variety of people strolling along what seems to be a sidewalk. Before the physician walked in, Taehyung was taken aback by the unfamiliar environment and atmosphere.

"Good morning, sir. How are you feeling?" The physician spoke, breaking Taehyung's eye contact with the window.

His light brown eyes shift towards the physician's doe eyes, tilting his head with familiarness.

"I think I'm okay--I'm sorry, I feel like I know you from somewhere," Taehyung says as he squints his eyes, trying to get a better feel about the young physician.

Jungkook steps away from the cabinets in the room and walks over to the confused male. He pulls two gloves out of the glove box and snaps them on, ready to observe the patient's progress.

"You must not remember me, but I'm Jungkook. You might know my brother, Seokjin," The raven-head says with a smile as he reaches over for the cotton ball and the alcohol bottle.

"That bastard," Taehyung mutters.

"I don't appreciate the way you express yourself about my brother," Jungkook says as he pulls Taheyung's sleeve and grabs the cotton ball with substance to clean his shoulder.

"S-sorry," Taehyung apologizes as he looks down at what Jungkook is doing. "Um, what are you doing?--wait, where the hell am I?!" He continues to talk but in a panicky voice.

"You're in a hospital; there's no need to freak out," The man says as he pulls away from Taheyung's arm and pulls out a needle from the cabinet, flicking the needle twice.

"What the hell is going on?! Tell me what happened, or I'm running out the door," Taehyung panics as he speaks; he pulls slightly away from the physician's reach.

"Please, calm down. I'll explain if you let me do my job," Jungkook says as he places the needle down on the counter and swirls his body to look at Taehyung's.

The brunette clams down before repositioning himself. "A couple of hours ago, you had an accident. The person who contacted us saw your phone on the ground and told us it was an emergency.

Ever since then, you've been in a small coma, and this shot is to stabilize you from receiving any incidences," He continues.

He waits for Taehyung to take everything in before continuing his paid job.

"O-okay, um, WHAT?! Are you crazy!" Taehyung yells. He widens his eyes and leaves his lips ajar open as the shock wave passes by.

"Sir, if you don't calm down, I'm going to call the doctors--"

"Who said called you guys? Is he in the building?"

"Yes, but--"

"Bring him, and then I'll believe another goddamn word spurring out of your mouth," Taehyugn states firmly, looking away from the boy and crossing his arms in anger.

Jungkook sighs and does what the patient orders when frankly, it's the order way around.

Nonetheless, he catches the man who called the hospital and brings him into the room; Taheyung looking away from the window to the door.

"This is the man who called. His name is--"

"Namjoonie!" Taehyung's eyes change instantly as he opens his arms for his best friend. Namjoon chuckles with tears in his eyes, rushing over to his friend, hugging him ever so lightly.

"You're fucking lucky I found you out cold on the street," Namjoon says before pulling away.

He punches the boy on the shoulder with a smile on his face and changes his face to an angry expression. "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING OUT IN THE STREET AT NIGHT, BY A FUCKING ALLEY-WAY!?"

Taehyung stays silent, as does the physician, as he feels awkward in the situation. The brunette lowers his vision and fiddles with his fingers while thinking of a good cover-up.

"Well, you see, um...I was taking a brisk walk--"

"Bullshit! You were stalking jin, weren't you?!"

"I'm sorry to interrupt this quarrel, but I must do my assigned job. So, sir, follow me please," Jungkook says as he pulls on Namjoon's arm before letting go in an instant.

"I'm sorry," Taehyung apologizes once Namjoon is out of the room. Jungkook shrugs, as it's none of his business. He then proceeds back to what he was originally going to do.

Jungkook raises Taheyung's sleeve again and rubs the cotton ball around the area where he will inject the needle when Taheyung jumps, making the raven head pull away.

"Relax. There's nothing to be afraid of," Jungkook says in the calmest tone he could muster up.

"It's not that..." Taehyung says, stuttering his words a bit while his face flusters.

"Then what is it?"

"I find you really cute.." Taehyung comments, taking Jungkook aback. The raven looks at a flustered Taehyung and chuckles.

"Every time that stupid idiot brought you over to the house, my pants would tighten," Jungkook admits as he distracts Taehyung enough to push the needle in his arm.

"WHAT?!" The brunette yells as he starts to turn a bright shade of red.

"And we are done!" Jungkook says as he wipes the area before placing a bandaid on it. "I'll come check on you in about an hour or two to see how you are doing, alright?" He says nonchalantly.

He pushes himself back on the wheeling chair and gets up, ready to walk out of the room before Taehyung explodes.

"Wait!" Taheyung yells; he reaches out for Jungkook before he can leave, and the young adult can't contain his smug look any longer. He looks over his shoulder with a bit of blush on his cheeks.

"You did what when I cam over?"

"It was a long time ago.

I didn't know you well back then, but right now, you are my patient, and I don't get involved with my patients," This was the last thing Jungkook said before exiting the room.

The raven's head pushes himself back against the door with his clipboard in hand, raising his hand to his face in embarrassment.

Meanwhile, the raven head walked away from the room; Taehyung blushed harder than before by Jungkook's comment. The person he'd least think was into him, but a long time ago.

Even so, Taehyung excitedly wanted to get out of the hospital to date his ex's brother, Jeon Jungkook.

- anyone can modify or tweak at this short au with permission, and permission ONLY

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