Take a Lesson from these animals!
Take a Lesson from these animals! stories

slycupcakeI'm creatively insane!
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First Commaful story ever! I hope you enjoyed!

Take a Lesson from these animals!

by slycupcake

Be independent!

This is a strong cat who don't​ need no human!

Like water down a duck's back

This duck does not hear hate, It just flows away for him!

Try new things!

Seriously, this dog is surfing!

Have fun and enjoy!

This goat is having as much fun as he possibly can bouncing around!

Set your differences​ asside

These animals are having a great time playing, even tough they are much different from each other!

Don't act like others, be yourself​

This is a swimming deer, and he doesn't care what you think. He's swimming​ cause' he wants to!

Dream big

This goat has dreamed of crossing this river, and he accomplished it because he tried!

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