Things I've learned.
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slimetightsit'll be okay, if you let it be
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Things I've learned.


When you're excited, the object of your joy captures your attention for hours.

You wont stop talking about it, grinning as words spill past your lips before even you can comprehend what you're saying.


You've always loved writing.

Things you wanted to captivate forever, you just put into words. Ink and paper was the equivalent to a camera for you.


You held your own ground above all else.

You lived and swore by your morals, letting them rule and overrun your life, regardless of consequence. I admire that.


You craved things.

You craved love and beauty. You marvelled at the world and the most simplistic wonders.


I was never once connected to these points.

None of these things...these dedications applied to me.

yet all of these points apply to you. I crave your touch, I crave your love and I'll put you above all else.

But this is a one way street.

and you don't drive here anymore to get home.

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This was fantastic the metaphors were scintillating the things you have learned were like jewels in a crown. The language was cleverly planed to surprise us in the final verse. Great job!!!