My bestfriend
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I love you @dorrar

My bestfriend

by sleeplesstruths

I have know you for 2 years

But I have been friends with you for one

You make me look forward to school

You make me want to go to school

You call me everyday when I'm like 5 min away from school

And everyday my dad would be like whose that

But its gotten to the point where he doesnt even ask anymore

But when you thought about me

When you were in a different state.

And even got me a gift

That was just amazing cause I never thought you would do that

You were there for me during my highest and lowest points

When I wasn't doing so well in my subjects

You helped me and retaught me things

Our cram session a day before the exam

Was more beneficial than me studying by myself for a week

And when I randomly message you, dont let me have chocolate

You actually follow through, no matter how much I beg you

You watch out for me in anyway possible

And I love you for that

Thank you @dorrar

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