Live in the moment
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Live in the moment

by sleeplesstruths

People say I'm to stuck up

And I never live in the moment

Cause I fear what my parents would do if I did something bad

But I proved them wrong

I jigged school for the first time ever,

and it was thrilling but nerve wracking

One day, we finished class way earlier then expected

And my parents thought I was gonna be home at 3.

We went to Westfield, 2 train stops from our school

And I managed to stay there for 3 hours with my friends

without get caught by any of my snooping relatives, or any one from my culture

And it was fun

I understand now why people do this

Okay, technically it was jigging

But still, it was really fun.

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bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
7 months agoReply
You are adorable Yes, I know that is patronizing. I, however, am exempt from that fall-der-all. Because, I am the Patron. I loved this post. I was "under the thumb" in high school but I sneaked in a lot of adventures. It made my life richer and I still smile as I remember the ones I got away with. I love your work. Great post!!!!