Deep thoughts

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Deep thoughts

by sleeplesstruths


If there was a darker shade of black, trust me I'd be wearing it.


Falling in love only gets you hurt.


Chocolate is life, if you don't like it, your not human.


Books is also life. A good book to end my day allows me to sleep with a smile.

Flash Tatoo

These things are so pretty.

Polaroid Camera

How do you explain it?

Hot Guys...

Its only okay to obsess but not to love... Yes I'm a Beliber

One more hot guy <3

Yes I obsess over him, plus we have the same birthday. Thought the world should know this

Big Cities

Only left Australia once to visit my grandfather in Abu Dhabi. When we visited Dubai on my birthday... I fell in love with it.


Yes, I'm obsessing over a place I have never been to, so what?

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nice i love harry potter as well @erofaer

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a year agoReply
Sooooo deep. Polaroid cameras though. My birthday's the same as Daniel Radcliffe's. :)

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
a year agoReply
hahaha deep thoughts indeed