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by sleeplesstruths

Change can be good

Change can be bad

Change is never what we expect it to be

I was always a good student in class

But I only got 1 A in my reports every year...


I'm finally about to start my last year of schooling,

But something has to change

If I ever want to achieve my goals

I'm gonna have to change

Change for the good

In my first math test in year 11

I got 12%

I was shocked, I'm good at math, what am I doing

I've never gotten bellow 90%

I had to change

But I chose not to

I was too stubborn

Narrow minded

I don't need help

I can do it myself

That was wrong


Accept Help

Accept Change

Accepting help is not defeat or a blow to your ego

If anything, it makes us STRONGER

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This one's good, kinda had the same problem with chemistry until I took help. I was shy to ask for it at first. 😂