Medicate me
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SLeeCCommunity member
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Stuck in the tenticles of medication that treats depression and anxiety - trying to break free from the comforting numbness it lends.

Medicate me

by SLeeC

Pulling away from you is hard, for long years your synthetic silky arms have wrapped around my body

Bringing me refuge - until the pain ebbed away.

Survival was key - and living life a way to navigate through a heart broken. Smashed... Destroyed .

You picked up the pieces, placing them neatly back into the pattern where they belong,

The picture made whole again by your steady hands that were designed to keep me in place

Molding into my very core - I wrestle to remember where I start and you end...

Like a host I feed you the very emotions I try to escape - and you devour them with ease,

Your appetite growing with every taste, and I embrace the nothing - for I know no other way.

Peeling you off opens old wounds that have not gone away - weeping scars revealed in the light of a new day

Your mask offers hope with the pretence that everything is o.k

- it scares me to live without you but time calls for the end of charades.

I've forgotten what it is to be me, to feel, to love, to fear , to breathe....

without the numbness of your embrace that envelops my entirety.

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Unfortunately in the world we live in today some minds required medication to help us cope fortunately most minds learn to cope with the world the way it is but never let your mind tell you what your heart feels is wrong the basic desire of the human race is to love and be loved A very well written and beautiful story