The poet`s muse
The poet`s muse muse stories

skylarkHoping to one day be a successful writer
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An idea from a song I heard from Poets of the fall( The poet and the muse)

The poet`s muse

Muses, So many of them Individual person Individual muse Some of these muses may include;

Spring time`s essence For the poet that makes cherry blossoms come out from the tip of his pen; For the one that muses about happy days in the sun, Where children play And dogs run

The hushed night`s whispers For those that write About the souls that have run away- Almost certainly never to return, In the ground, and in the heart of the poet shall they rest

Or perhaps.... A woman? A man? For those romantics, that seek to compose a piece that shall tenderly grasp the heart of whom they love Or perhaps they write in mourning, for the person that loved them and is now gone

Who knows..... But-oh, What happens when the muse suddenly, disappears?

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