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I`ve never been to a funeral, so I still had to opt with "mystery" and fantasy

May need some edits, since I didnt have that much time to write this, but I still think that it is good.

Please tell me what you think :)

The funeral


Dear friend of the beloved,

Speak today, or lay a rose on the ground another.

Dear friend of the beloved, speak now,

Or stay hushed, for yet another day,

Don`t make a sound,

Don`t say a word,

Heaven will hear you anyways.


Oh dear messenger of God,

There lays written an epitaph on my dear friend`s grave,

I mourn him,

Yet I must speak in his name,

In his voice,

And his shoes


Go on, fine fellow,

Go on,

Speak now,

Read the lines that his soul has set on his grave.


“Don`t mourn me,

Don`t chase me,

For if I lay in a different world,

Let me stay,

I beg,

For in the world that I once resided in-

Only one thing I implored,

A poet I was,

And so mystery I wanted!

Well now-

Mystery is all I`ve got!

Goodbye friends,

Goodbye, all,

Until we meet again someday.

And after that, no eye remained dry,

Every eye glistened with tears,

A breeze carried an orange leaf in the sky,

And with the breeze, you could hear a voice-

An old man`s voice, slowly turning into that of a newborn.

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