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Swirling and twirling, I see them in the moonlit night.

Also I made the shadow a he, because in this story the main character is a male.

I finally sat down and wrote haha. Please tell me what you think :)

Shadows of the past

Swirling and twirling,

I see them in the moonlit night.

Swirling and twirling,

Not colliding with each other,

But dancing in an eerie and elegant fashion,

Side by side, no complaint heard.

No sound heard or unheard,

For the hushed whispers of the shadows seem too unreal to be real.

I`m in darkness,

Moonlight shifts and sways from side to side, as the trees that reside,

Make way for her to pass and shed light on me and my surroundings.

Orange leaves from afar crisp and fall as the wind howls at them.

the great quiet that seems unreal and real, makes me think of things that shouldn't be on my mind right now, Like Autumn's crisp leaves, And the thought of hot chocolate whilst reading a good mystery novel.

My whole existence feels like a stage at this moment,

A carnival.

How odd since the garden that I currently stand in,

Is supposed to be sombre and serene in a way, and not keen on allowing such a colourful thought

But I suppose that this is the exact place that such creatures of the day and night would be drawn to.

I could just say that It was just a dream, a hallucination when I finally snap out of my current state,

But the reflections of dark ballet dancers swirling in the puddles, glistening with moonlight,

Makes that proclamation to my head and heart seem vague at best.

The shadows, shadow my mind,

They make all logic diminish.

I gaze at the swift and agile dancers in awe and terror.

I lay here;

In the garden of peace and eternity,

Where angels and crosses reside.

I watch the shadows that seem to be spectres of the past;

I watch them as they dance, and frolic.

Just before dawn breaks,

I see- No I feel my shadow dancing in the sky with the other dancers

My shadow is no more nigh to my mortal body and immortal soul.

A lament for my shadow I sing, A lament to all those that want to hear, He has left me behind, Was he the good or bad part of me? Only time will tell.


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