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skylark Back to Skylark :P
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I found a prompts site, At first I didn`t want to do anything because they werent my style, and I didnt know how I was going to do anything, and then well- this happened.

I`m trying simple prompts that can easily be shaped and formed into somebody elses style.
I`ve always been weary about doing these things, cause at times I come up with Nothing-

(Also it is actually pretty sunny here, but rain gives me inspiration :P)

The site, so I give credit;


Outside The Window

Outside the window

Dreary and grey

Outside the window,

Clouds won`t fade away.

Outside the window,

Down on the ground

No children

Silence abound.

Outside the window

Only one sound

The pitter-patter of rain,

It won`t stop,

And go away.

Outside the window

Dreary skies of grey,

Outside the window

While I`m here;

Safe and warm,

In my home,

Watching the clouds, as they pass me by.

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