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Some of us, Wear our halos proud


Some of us,

Wear our halos proud

Proud of what we are,

Proud of how we`re made.

Some of us,

Break them,

And hide them,

Just to show the crowd,

That we are different.




Or horns

You walk the path

That you`ve made for yourself.

The halo breaks,

When one thinks of himself as nothing to be proud of,

Or when he just wants freedom, he just wants out,

So he breaks it in half,

And what he finds are;

Two pieces,

Two horns,

He is ready to walk across the world again,

Different perspective now,

When goodness gives up,

And evil rises to swallow it up

One can disguise goodness/ or evil for that matter,

for even horns can be fixed to once again be a halo-if only for the shortest of time

But one must be warned that

in the end-the mask becomes you.

The perspective of humanity, Where one tries to be something they are not- In the end, the mask will falter and rot, In the end, your face will most likely be the shape of the mask that you have worn- Be it a good thing or not, So be careful of you try to be.

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