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Just a poem about ravens and angels :)

True Nature

They are beings of darkness

But also light

They are not a blight, no.

They are a sight to behold,

Such mystery,

Such grace,

A mask,

On their feathered face.

I saw her fly into the night

And in that sky, a crow I saw,

yet, as I looked down at her passing reflection in the water,

it showed something else....

I saw her reflection so clear.

A maiden`s reflection,

Clear and clear.

Radiant and beautiful

But in pain, and oh, so lost.

The water showed her true nature.

And as I looked at the starry night,

Now no feathers in sight.

I figured it out....

Those blackbirds; those ravens and crows,

From heaven, they were thrown

By hell, they were castigated.

They had no home,

so they came here.

Fallen angels, with no ill intent

A plume of darkness,

But still heaven`s descent

And so with the mask of a blackbird,

They stayed here on this earth,

And forever, by men,

Their call would be shunned


Is it such a surprise though?

I mean, we do all know about the qualities that they possess

The myths and the legends,

of the blackbird's pride,

Their vanity?

Those same sins,

That all the fallen, succumb to before they fall....

all the way down.

And so, shall we not think about this? The calls of the raven, Are they truly the cries, Of someone, That has lost it all?

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