Written all over my face
Written all over my face stories

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Written all over my face

by skyensara

Words are a problem, when used in life as a game.

Used to cause misery, play mind games, cause pain.

But what if the words you used, came up on your skin?

Would the world see, anger and hatred or an angel within?

Would they read your skin, the words that you you've said...

Would they be filled with happiness? Wonder, upset or dread?

i bet you'd speak wisely if you knew every word.

Could be seen and re read, when it's no longer heard.

So choose you words kindly, not blindly and act also kind.

And follow in love, to be loved as you were designed.

If you love In a way, that others can see, can hear and and can feel.

They will love you, for you, because your love is so real.

Be kind to the ones who lash out in pain, sadness, anger and hate.

As they are hurting like you were, before you read this, and it's never to late xx

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