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When autism rains

by skyensara

So autism is simple yet complicated.... It's simply a communication, developmental, social and sensory disability all in one. There are three ways in witch it can affect someone, mildly (still a

Severe disability) but mildly for someone who is on the spectrum, moderately or severely. That's the simply side, but it's affects are complex and complicated, it can affect a persons ability to

Function, it can make a person less likeable. It can effect any part of communication, sociability or even a persons ability to express sympathy or love correctly. They are basically like puppies

To explain a little better, a puppy can sometimes understand things if they will get a treat for doing it, even follow rules and boundaries, they don't talk to you but they might fart on your

Pillow without realising it stinks. The puppy might stick his head in your food. He won't be able to dress up, go out drinking, or act like sociable people would. So we don't expect that from

Them. We accept their is a limit to what they can do, learn or copy, so we love them no matter how much they are different and do things they like with them. So next time you meet someone with

Autism. Maybe you could accept their differences, lower your expectations, after all of their were none, there would never be a problem to begin with. Join in with what they do sometimes no

Matter HOW weird it seems to you. Treat them good when they do something right, but don't spend your life, ignoring them, not walking or feeding them, not spending time with them. It's cruel..

After all you wouldn't treat a dog like that, and you would still love your puppy no matter how much they couldn't do, why should it be any different for someone with autism, after all they are

Still just like you. They just don't understand man made rules, regulations or living. They still need love support and understanding. They would not expect anything from you, and it's the

Expectations of others, the pushing of them into things they don't understand so probably don't like. In situations they weren't made to be in, that makes them frustrated, scared and sometimes

Aggressive, just like an abandoned , or abused dog. They might be snappy or bark a lot but it's because they need someone around that they can trust, after spending so much time around people

Who abuse them. If you walked down the street with your dog and he farted, cried or jumped in excitement you would laugh, so imagine the horror of walking down the street with someone with autism

Who like that dog just doesn't understand. Who has been abused and seeing people complain snigger and hurt that dog you would hurt to, that's how autistic people's parents feel when someone with

Autism whom they love, is treated at any age. Some parents don't understand either, imagine being that child or adult dog, or autistic person, and being kicked, poked, spat on shouted at

Constantly, everything they love taken a way, like a dogs toys, bed, love and comfort. And you will see why they profer to spend so much time alone. And to even not understand why the world seems

So mad, and hateful towards you. Remember we are all a resident of the body to witch we were born in, and even if it is damaged there is no way out, don't make autistic people a prisoner in their

Own skin. It really hurts and trust me I should know, I spent most of my life feeling this way, I'm just lucky to have spent so long learning to communicate somehow. I'm still not great but I

Try, most people with autism try, more than you see. They

Are miserable, because people won't just love them as they are able to be. Some even learn to cover it up so well that, they die an early death, from stress and unhappiness, or because they are

So lonely, they choose to die, to kill them selfs because love and acceptance isn't always where it should be xxxx

Thanks for reading x

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