Untitled.... Don't read unless you can handle certain things.
Untitled.... Don't read unless you can handle certain things.  stories
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Untitled.... Don't read unless you can handle certain things.

by skyensara

A twisted tree branch reached out like a claw filed hand waiting to grab the next person crazy enough to walk by, alone. A dark blue blanket of stars warmed the empty night and sounds echoed in

The silence so loud it was unbearable to listen to. Heavy breath, vibrated through the silence of a close by trail and leaves crumbled and crunched almost in pain beneath the heavy feet that

Crashed down on top of them. A whistle ended the silence for a moment as a sweet melody of nature played for all to hear along with the beat of a heart, one that gushed in the girls ears, creepin

Faster and faster. A sense of panic was awoken by the fear of aloneness, in a none empty space filled with life that hid all around. The unknown brought a sense of alert, followed by the sweet

Scent of Corleah smiths sweat, it trickled down her porcelain skin like little moon lit beeds shimmering, tiny ripples in the of moving light with each breath inhaled. Lips shivering with a chil

, it came from the heat of a warm night, fear and the cooling of rain dripping to her almost naked skin, she was warm but she was cold. She was peaceful yet she feared for her life. Then came the

Of why. Why was this women so afraid, to be alone in the dark, it was not because of the just the things that creeped in the night, or the fact she was alone, there was something else. Her mind

Had gone blank in a moment of dread. "RUN, NOW!! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR" screamed a voice in corleahs mind, and then she suddenly remembered, it hit her all at once like a blow to the head.

Literally, she had had a massive blow to the head she felt the sharpest pain and ran her fingers over the source. IT was coming from the right side and there were blood stuck to her hair and she

Looked down as she realised her skin had started to sting with each drop of rain. She was almost naked and filled with cuts and scratches. That's when cor cried and started to run, she was not

Running from someone, but from something.... To be continued

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