Untitled- massive trigger warning- continued.
Untitled- massive trigger warning- continued. stories
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Untitled- massive trigger warning- continued.

by skyensara

Corleah sighed, was he finally alone in this beautiful place, this place looked like heaven next to her life!. Her legs shuck from the sheer strain of running in fear, she may have been running..

From something, rather than a particular someone. But what she was running from was blurred, as the girls head throbbed in a crippling, angry pain. In fact everything was blurred, or moving....

Even the things that should have been more still. "HELP ME!!" Cor screamed frantically in realising how weak and fragile she felt, it was as if deaths hand was about to touch the back of her neck

With a chill of dread. Her mind raced and she wondered if this was the end? The end of her life, not that at this moment the girl knew what her life had actually been. She started to wonder, what

Had happened, what was she running from, why was she almost naked and why she was in so much physical and emotional pain. Then little peaces creeped into her mind as memories but some distorted.

Her dad was trying to protect her, from the crazy mother that had, for many years battered and abused her. Even on occasion made her do things no one should ever have to. Locked away like a dirty

, disgusting, unwanted secret. She remembers her father Stephen, who seemed as afraid of her mother as she, opened the door and passed her a bag, telling her to run. She remembers looking back as

He fights to keep her mother from following her through the door. Then she remembers a huge pain in her head as it her mother bashed something against her head. Then she remembered the most

Important thing, she was not running from someone, as her mother was not a person, her mother was a creature not quite like any other. Corleah was running from her, yet for her life and that's...

When it came to her. She was free to love, live and just be, but not that she'd seen such misery, felt such pain, had nothing but pain, and now had nothing but pain to live with, what was the

Point?. The girl grabbed onto a different branch, it reached out much like the other, only this one seemed to reach out to help. She took the help and pulled herself into a higher, then higher

Branch. Until she was unreachable. "Stephen we have to find her, what if she tells someone, we both could end up in jail?". The frail older man, waited til the nasty old women was near the

Edge of a large drop. He smiled and said "it's okay I'm going there anyway, then when I kill her to she's going to think it was you and I will be free of both of you!". He looked wild and demonic

In that moment wide eyes with pin pricks for pupils and a slight grin, "then I'm free I've been trying to push you into killing her for years, but you do a little then bottle out, that's why I

Let her go, made it look like I was keeping you from catching her". He giggled an evil cackle.... And then pushed the older women over the edge, but a little down she gripped a big stone that...

Stuck out. "Why would you want me to do that, I thought it was because you wanted her to feel closer to you?, you threatened me if I didn't you would kill us both, she cried, "why?". The man

Laughed again, "it's simple really I hate you, never wanted to be with you, but you went and got pregnant, made my mother so happy, I didn't want to let her down, but I was hoping that if I made

You hurt her, you'd go to jail, or she would die". The women cried and almost slipped "ahhh my baby, I hurt her because of you, I hate you!, I hate myself, I deserve to die". The wicked man

Reached over the edge, to push her, but she was to far down to reach, he moved "it doesn't matter, you can't hold on forever" her stated just before turning to walk away. But the second he stood

Beneath Cors tree, the girl jumped down onto him, she was so high, that the chest impact killed his. A slither of blood trickled from his lips, and down his cheek, Corleah cried, she had to do it

But she would never want to hurt someone. Corleah looked down at her mother, who was crying "is he dead?" She asked bit the girl nodded to afraid to speak "good" said her mother. She looked into

Her daughters eyes, it was hard to see through the darkness, "im so sorry baby, I love you". The girl didn't respond but she did reach to pull her mother up, she couldn't reach and searched for a

Big branch to help her up. "It's okay Corleah, let me fall, I have nothing left to live for, I've ruined you life, I'm evil" she said but cor had already found something, it was the rope she was

About to hang herself with, threw it around her mum, then wrapped it round a tree, just near the edge. The older women slowly walked up over the edge using the rope, waiting for her daughter to

Beat or yell at her, but instead she was given a calm warming hug. Janice (the mother) didn't know what to say or do, but then in one moment the women had looked down and cried, turned and looked

Back up. Frightened by the sight of Corleah jumping from the branch with the lace from her pants tied round her neck and a branch. "NOOOOO, please" cried Janice, but the girl had already jumped.

Jan turned to the edge, untied the rope, and jumped. Suddenly people who had heard the commotion came running and stopped cor just before death had over come her. Her father was pronounced dead

At the scene and her mother found half dead at the bottom of the drop. Although Janice survived she spent the rest of her life trying to kill herself, and been locked away in a psychiatric unit.

But cor, died soon after when, every one had left her alone and she was alone, homeless, moneyless with the memories and no one for love or comfort and finished her right to end a horrid story...

The end.

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