the word ugly does not really exist.....
the word ugly does not really exist..... stories

skyensaraCommunity member
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the word ugly does not really exist.....

by skyensara

how can the word ugly even exist? all it means is that someone sees no beauty in something, it means something is not to their liking, but then we all like the look of things differently, and

like peoples actions differently, like the way different things feel differently. so technically the only thing ugly means, is not for me, this means everyone and everything, is beautiful in its

own way, and made for someone else's eyes........ that's right you heard me correctly that your all beautiful in your own way to someone and everything and everyone on this planet was meant to be

except the ones that hurt everyone else

because they believe they are better, and are the only ones who deserve to exist, they are the ones who need to be treated in a less than manor, until they learn to treat people better.

bullies are my worst enemy yet I feel sorry for them because they are so ill they believe they are better than the rest of the world, they need help before they ruin everyone else, and its hard

to live life believing that for as long as no one speaks up or does something those bullies will always believe they are better its really worrying. if you see something wrong say something, do

something? you just might save a truly amazing person who has been unfairly made to believe the bullies delusions...... save a life speak up and make the world a better place for us all xxxxxxxxx

with love from a small spirit and soul in a big beautiful world x

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