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Scared sleepless

by skyensara

A hand creeped behind her head bored, Zoe Cullenham looked slowly up and that hand left her face in shock, shaking with fear, confused and sweaty with heavy breath.... But no sound, just silence,

Zoe cringed and sat up on the bed, in the lamp light her blue eyes shimmered orange and her sweat looked like fiery beeds creeping over fire proof skin. "Who's there?" She whispered but no sound.

Zoe felt a sudden cold breath on the back of her neck so she turned around slowly, eyes squinted nearly shut. Lips trembling and wet with intrepidation, "hello" she squeaked but nothing, just....

A laugh. It started out on the stair case witch creaked, and was quiet but became louder and louder. Until it was so loud it deafened her, she sunk to the floor clutching at her ears "where

Are you" she cried, suddenly the door slammed and a whisper hissed back at her, "I'm every where, you know me well, and I am the nightmares that haunt your dreams, I am you deepest fears, I don't

Ever sleep". The girl breathed so loudly and heavily that it was hard to hear her self think, watching the door, Zoe waited, safe feeling had diminished to nothing and had there have been others

Each would have been able to cleary hear the beating sound of her heart. Suddenly her fear became desperation and she ran for the door, "Zoe where are you going" hissed the voice, "you can't get

Away from me", the laugh followed her into the hall and down the stairs. But Zoe wasn't going to run anymore, she grabbed a handful of anxiety pills, and sleeping medication and took them all...

But the voice rattled through the walls. "I'll be waiting, I will see you soon...zoeeeee", the girl cringed as the voice creeped through her like ants crawling all over her skin, until Zoe looked

, bugs were creeping all over her skin. Sitting back against the cupboard near the sink, she rocked back and forth giggling to her self, "it will be over soon" she said trying to calm herself

But, she started to feel sick, sweating with so much that she was sitting in a puddle of it. Her head became fuzzy and she could hardly see, and then the door bell rang, she jumped initially and

Then felt a sudden moment of relief, "help" Zoe screamed as she flung open the front door. A familiar face, it seemed but she couldn't see properly, collapsing into their arms the world faded

To a distant blur. "Hi Emily, wake up sweet heart" came a soothing kind voice, but Zoe was confused. "My name is Zoe" she said opening her eyes, the nurse looked at her calmly and lovingly "Emily

" said the middle aged hospital staff nurse, but she seemed like the world had just stopped still. "I need the toilet" cried zo and she ran to the bathroom and slammer and locked the door. Mirror

Mirror, she searched for in a panic, only to suddenly see the reflection of a strange young girl, must have only been about 19 years old. "Omg" cried Zoe, covering her lips with a shakeup hand

To hold back the scream and fear. "ill kill you give me back my body" said a voice, but as Zoe turned to look into the mirror the reflection was bloody and demonic. Fingers creeping from it to

Take back the body, Zoe's soul had come to rest in. Then the reflection changed, there was a slender elderly man who looked like he was slowly rotting from the inside out. "Are you afraid of the

Dark?" Asked the man before the light s went out. "Leave me alone" screamed the terrified girl, but nurses rushed in, at first meeting Zoe with kindness. But from no where their eyes changed,

And all began to laugh, a psychotic laugh, it chilled zo to the core, "your not real" she screamed and smashed the mirror. The glass hit the floor in shattered bits, Zoe suddenly felt safer.

She looked around and the world started to fade, she was no where...."are you still afraid?, because I won't ever let you sleep". Came the most terrifying voice she had ever heard. "No I'm not"

Claimed Zoe, and then she woke in the hospital again, " zoe, can we take some bloods you took an overdose? " asked a lady she had never seen. She smiled and sunk into the bed, "yes you can

" laughed the girl, "I'm finally free" she smiled again. Zoe was exhausted so she creeped upto the pillow and got comfy for a nice little nap. As sleep engulfed her fast, her eyes flicked rapidly

, it wasn't long before a deep sleep was present. No dreams, just a bitter darkness, one she had spent so long being afraid of. Zoe slept for days, no dreams or nightmares, no fear, no voices.

Suddenly as day five rolled around, came a voice that sounded pleasant, for a change.... But it's words told Zoe she should be afraid "you may have been able to escape not being able to sleep but

I am never, ever going to let you wake up". Dread, nightmares and fear came rushing back and the girl was stuck in this nightmare, in side her sleep.... No escape no way out. She would do anythin

To wake up...... Even if it meant she didn't get to sleep again, for the rest of her life!. So sleep well my friends, and don't feel afraid, or I will come for you too, and you

Will never sleep again.

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