Got my new bestie
Got my new bestie stories

skyensaraCommunity member
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Got my new bestie

by skyensara

My birthday is in two days and I have my new puppy bestie, fuck you suicide. And screw everyone who made me doubt myself and made me put up invisible barriers. Just because you think something

Isn't right for me or I shouldn't do something. Doesn't mean I should give up on something that could make me very happy, my choice, my life and only I know what's best for me. When every one

I couldn't have a dog, I wasn't good or smart enough, I ignored them and did it anyway. You made me feel like I couldn't and that barrier was not even real. You can complain but can't stop me!.

No wonder some people are selfish, they have to be just to be happy, other wise they would live for everyone else, when not a one of the others would do that for them. Don't give up ANYTHING,

Makes you happy for people, who don't want to see you happy, if they wanted that they would never but up invisible barriers or tell you things that make you doubt the possibility of you achievein

Your goals xxx be happy be free xx

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