Death is nothing to fear
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Death is nothing to fear

by skyensara

We all fear death, it's like a hole that sucks is from our comfort and takes us into the unknown, but we need to die, to live. Each of us are given a life, it's there to give us lessons and teach

But also to give us an understanding of love. Trust also Is a lesson for us, who can we trust and why. In life we have a body, one that functions as what you would think the exterior yet it's is

Actually a battery. Our energy and electricity come into a body to provide it life, and a structure in Whitch to learn, you would assume this would infact make our soul the battery but it is not.

Like solar power it is an ever collecting energy. So once our soul has a battery it can live an adventure of life and learning in a world of unknown and wonder. Once the battery stops working, it

Needs to be replaced, and so the soul leaves the battery that can no longer give it function, and finds a new one that can. This doesn't mean that your soul, is clueless from your last life, as

It collects energy. But the body in witch it is incased is able to give those things a feeling and words. That's why children speak sometimes of families and life's they have lived before.

But once that energy collects new information and begins to learn things, there is no more room or place, to remember the old. I think we do this until our soul has collected all it needs to know

, before it can move on to a bigger, better and more complex and complicated system, possible heaven, maybe something different. Maybe we are collecting data for a higher purpose. We could even

Be, cells inside someone's body. Maybe we are part of the function of a higher being, and as we grow we become that. We may start as a germ, then an insect, then a rodent, etc.... Even tress live

I sometimes even think, we are cells in this system that act almost like an infection, or cancer, we may be antibodies, if we are good trying to fight an infection, of evil that hides in bodies

Where it can damage what's around it, but without consequence, because when we look they are hiding by appearing as one of us. Maybe that's why we are different to other animals, we came because

The higher being in witch we live got sick, then we needed to fight it, only we were unable to because of its ability to hide and emerge amongst us. So then the world became sick from it. We need

To die to go back to the earth to feed it, for the function of what surrounds us to remain, for new life to continue to occur and for us to have a chance to live again, and again. As we say this

Could be heaven hell, or both. Well just a thought lol, have a great day and happy reading xxx

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