Moooooreeeee Diiiiiiiiisneeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Back by popular demand!!!
Moooooreeeee Diiiiiiiiisneeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Back by popular demand!!!

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skye_hendrie We're a' Jock Tamson's bairns!
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Back by popular demand! Because you guys are awesome... I decided to forgo the Disney Villains post for now and give you this instead. XD

Moooooreeeee Diiiiiiiiisneeeeyyyyyyy!!!!!!!! Back by popular demand!!!

Note: my Google page thought the title to this post was in the Somalian language and tried to translate it XDXD

Okay, reveal for this... For fifty likes, I'll reveal which Disney princess I am most like (IRL)

This awkward moment is brought to you by Disney

Now all of China knows you're here.

When you have to be social But would rather be home doing nothing...

I'll make a meme out of you

Me at an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

I relate to Alice. She just randomly keeps eating everything she sees with the hope it might actually solve all her problems.

Roo-baka-tee-gah, roo-baka-tee-gee Zoo-baka too-baka too-baka too-baka too-baka

Oodle-loodle-oodle-loodle Ooh-doo-daa-daa-daa Doodle-doot, doodle-doot Zee-ba-da-da

My mom telling her friend an embarrassing story about me

Me listening from the other room

When someone begins to walk towards your April Fools prank

Me reaching for the last cookie My brother

Davy Crockett in 1960

Davy Crockett in 2021 How far we have fallen 8(

Note: that was just a joke. I love Davy Crockett and--outside of kidding--would never compare him to Buffalo-Man

How Davy Crockett settled political arguments

You can all go to hell and I'll go to Texas!

There is nothing so absitootily irresistible as a good old-fashioned grin. Like this.

I want PRIVACYYYY!!!!!

*When I see my crush* Don't speak!

When you can't decide which scene is your favorite

Sooooo.... Which is your favorite?

If you kill him, you'll have to kill me too!


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