#onefact only!

#onefact only! minnesota stories

skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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Finally found something worthy of sharing about myself for #onefact And pictures are all mine. Thanks for reading! <3

#onefact only!

Breeze cooled by blue water Trails lined with lushest green Miles and miles of farmland Fields of corn and soybean

Spring Summer Fall Winter The four seasons reign Skis, bikes, canoes, boats Adventure lies in every lane

Wildlife in the backyard Cries of the loon at dawn Sundry wildflowers grow And sun rises at our barns

Northern lights dance Rivers flow through A land of 10,000 lakes Minnesota, I love you!

My #onefact is I live in beautiful Minnesota (USA)!

I rushed into writing this one, if I showed patience, I could have written a much better poem. This is it for now though! :D Thanks @kaylynn for coming up with this brilliant idea. It has been a pleasure reading fun facts about Commaful writers last few days! <3

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