Haiku Tri'ku

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skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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A Haiku Collab! With lots of love! <3 <3 <3

Haiku Tri'ku

From the dusky depths of Commaful comes a creatively crafted collaborative ecstatic extravaganza of three thrilling themes and a heap of haiku harmonies by a tireless trio of whimsical writers!

@stevewaldrop, @stadarooni and @skye each chose three themes (sunset, heroism, fall rain, respectively) and we all wrote one haiku for each theme. We hope that you enjoy our work on this impromptu collab! <3


Skit-skat-skoodle-doot Dilly dally all day long Hero or zero?

Battered, bruised and torn Tortured by deep doubts and fears Yet she marches on

Characters composed In splash of chalk and charcoal Without gloss of gray

Fall Rain

Gentle drizzle chill Becomes a raging torrent Summer swept away

Splash of fall drizzle A festive burst of colors Dewy lips and leaves

Pitter patter paint, Tenacious tempest to taint Knocking knives of night


Highlighter hue hugs Scarlet Sol’s silent saunter Across astral arc

Crimson orange orb Paints violet in the clouds Earth breaths out a sigh

Snazzy salmon skies Silver silhouettes, dusked dreams Nostalgic nightfall

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