Burden of a Shadow!

Burden of a Shadow! shadow stories

skyeEveryone has their struggles.
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About my love relation that didn't last...or continues to exist.

Burden of a Shadow!

I didn't have a plan. And, oh, I fell in love. Except it wasn't meant to be. So, I decided to simply unlove.

Little did I know then, for now I surely know. We weren't together, the moments were gone too. But a sadness was left behind in a brand new hollow.

No more love notes to write. Not 'miss you' poems either. Spent my hours in isolation, Clockwise, one after another.

Just like that it had ended. No embrace or a kiss survived. The angst remained. Unwelcomed, unrecognized!

Like an annoying shadow, Now, you dwell in my head. One that refuses to vanish, Even after the sun has set.

And so I go about my life (whatever that's left!) Dragging you around, (however pointless!) A burden I'll carry, (for I dared to love, I guess!)

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