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This was inspired by the Movie Moana. However it really has no relation other then a giant coconut crab. Again like my last Horror story if it gets enough likes I'll post the R rated version.


We frequently would go sailing, sometimes for weeks on end, we never got lost. Dad always knew where we were, where we were going. I wanted this trip for my birthday, just me and dad, me and dad after the divorce. Just us. I pushed and begged, even cried.

A 16 year old teenager crying to their father to take them on a sailing trip. He took out a loan with the bank to afford it. And after weeks of begging he finally took me.

But it was the first time there was a storm, the first time he ever screamed at me. The first time…. I was alone. He fell, trying to help me tie something off, and he fell. I tried to help him, tried to save him. But only watched as our boat moved farther and farther away from him, watched as he drifted away from me.

I cried, even after the boat slammed into the shoreline. I didn’t even move as my body lay in the cabin of our sail boat, I didn’t look out the window. I didn’t move. I slept, and cried. Over and over again, until the scratching started.

The tears stopped as I sat up in bed, moving to the small window of the cabin, to peer outside, all I could see was sand, and white stones, the rain still falling heavily from the storm. I don’t know how many days it had been.

And as I stood looking out the small window my stomach began to ache, I hadn’t eaten. I moved about the cabin looking for food, as the scratching continued, though the more I moved about the cabin, the louder the scratching grew. And the cabin began to shake. Was the boat leaving shore?

I moved back to the window with a granola bar, looking back out to the island I was one. It looked like miles beach, with white stones strung through-out. Though the rain was letting up and I was able to see even farther, clearer. Bones, miles and miles of bones rested along the beach. My hands began to shake as I dropped the bar in my hand.

Hundreds of bones along the shore line, some were human, others were shaped in ways I had never seen. The scratching turned to banging. As the entire boat began to shake. And the window was suddenly blocked but a large crab-like claw. It was longer than the boat was tall. Letting out a scream I jumped back from the window.

However my scream only caused the boat to start shaking harder, as the entire then was pushed on it’s side, the luggage and other things inside flew around, smacking into me and the walls of the cabin. The small window breaking as it slammed into the beach.

A second claw smashing into the side of the cabin, opening and closing ripping a hole into the side of the boat. I couldn’t stop screaming, I pushed back trying to avoid the claw as it frantically fished around inside trying to grab me, pinching and clacking.

Growing more vigorous each time it closed and I wasn't inside of it. Finally the claw pulled out leaving the large hole in the side.

I don’t know why, but I ran. I grabbed the duffle bag with snacks and water we used for fishing, jumped out the side of the boat and began to run. Outside the rain still came down lightly, and standing above the boat was a large crab, it’s body a shimmering orange and red, it was twice the size of Dad’s sailboat.

It had jagged sharp peaks on the back of its shell, and small bones decorated it’s body. As if it had pierced its own outer shell with them. And it’s back dripped with algae, and mold.

This was no normal crab, it’s mouth was almost human, with sharp pointed teeth. As it saw me it's mouth began to water, and large droplets of drool feel from it's lower lip.

As it saw me it’s long legs instantly began to scurry toward me, now that I was outside the boat I could see the island was more then beach, but there were trees and forest. This creature couldn’t possibly navigate through the trees, so that’s where I went.

As my feet moved across the sand, I tripped along one of the bones littering the beach and flew forward, no sooner then I had hit the ground one of it’s giant claws darted forward. I rolled my body to the side as it barely missed me.

Though it’s second claw soon came after. It moaned in pleasure as it watched me struggle, I pushed back on the beach trying to get away.

It scooped me up off the beach in one claw, though it held me gently I could still feel it’s claws digging into my gut. It’s large mouth opened as it pulled me in closer. I tried to scream but my body couldn’t move, I couldn’t breath, my eyes flickered as I felt a long slimy tongue wrap against my neck, and a sickening crack sounded.

I didn’t feel much of the pain after that, none of us did. Victims of Tapa-Maliu belonged forever on the beach. All his victims were like me, selfish. And the Selfish belong to the shellfish Tapa-Maliu, The Death Crab.

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