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If you're reading this, then I'm dead.

House Edge

If you're reading this, then I'm dead.

Day 1 – Hello

I was approached by James, a close friend that I met my freshman year at Cornell.

Long story short, he needed one more person to fill out a group of mathematical genuineness that planned on counting cards in Vegas. I agreed to join his group.

Day 2 – Meeting the group

James introduced me to the group and I felt like the least valuable person in the room.

Not only was I intellectually inferior but I didn't have as much money to contribute as the rest of the group.

I could tell that the group was apprehensive about me, but James vouched for me and he was the group's leader.

James – The group leader and a constant schemer


Lyle – Weird, A mathematical savant and sub-par amateur comedian.

Hon – Stern, A math whiz from a traditional Japanese family

Alex – Knowledgeable, A walking encyclopedia.

Holly – Bold, World record breaking mathlete and world traveler.

Kevin – Shy, An introvert that can crunch numbers faster than I can enter them into a calculator.

Day 3 – The plan

The plan is to count cards during the grand opening of a new casino in Las Vegas. The casino is offering a lot of things to attract people, including single deck Blackjack.

The casino will be extremely busy and that will help us avoid security by adding a wall of people between us and the eye in the sky.

Days 3 to 27 – Practice makes perfect

Card counting is a simple concept. You keep track of the cards that have been played so that you can predict what cards are still left in the deck.

Basic Blackjack strategy also applies. Most people think that they need to be as close to 21 as possible. That is wrong! Your goal is to get the dealer to bust.

The dealer needs to have at least a 17 to win and you don't. The deck has more 10's in it than any other value.

If you can predict whether or not a 10 will be the next card, then you know whether or not to hit your hand or force the dealer to do so.

Since our group fills all the seats at the Blackjack table, when it comes time for the dealer to finally take their turn, they should have a bust card if they have to hit.

Combine basic Blackjack strategy with card counting and you will soon find yourself with an edge over the house.

8-Deck Blackjack - 3% House

Single Deck Blackjack – 0.5% House

with basic strategy – 0.03% You

with card counting – 20% You

Day 28 - The plan is set into motion

We boarded a plan heading to Vegas. A few hours later we had checked into the casino's hotel.

The casino was PACKED! We planned to slowly work our way into all the seats of a Blackjack table. After we were all sitting at the table we knew what to do.

Weirdly though, after a few hours had past all of us were down. We met up in James' room and reviewed what had happened.

None of us could explain why the dealer kept winning time and time again. It didn't make sense but we decided to call it a night and try again tomorrow.

Day 29 – IDK

We proceeded to do what we did yesterday. We spent weeks practicing and were on our A game. After day turned to night we realized that, once again, we were all losing.

Alex and myself both lost all our money. The remaining five kept playing with what little they had left. Shortly after, Hon got up from the table and walked away with an emotionless stare.

After Kevin busted, the group acknowledged that it was time to quit. We met up in James' room, everyone but Hon was in the room.

Holly said that Hon wasn't answering his phone and that nobody has seen him. Emergency sirens rang from the ground below.

I got up and looked out the window and seen a man lying in a pool of blood wearing Hon's shirt. We rushed downstairs to find that Hon had jumped from the roof.

Day 30 – Hammered

We were all distraught this morning and didn't know what to do. Our flight didn't leave till tomorrow night. So we just split up and wander around the Vegas strip.

After having too much to drink I headed back to my hotel room. When I entered the casino's hotel lobby I noticed security was swarming around a man screaming.

After a moment I realized that the scream belonged to Lyle. Lyle was HAMMERED and he kept spouting off how the casino's Blackjack was rigged.

He was yelling that the casino always had to mark down in the computer how many people were at the table. Because they needed that info to have the electronic card shuffler rig the deck.

A man in a suit approached the situation and told security to bring Lyle with him. I quickly reassured the man that Lyle was intoxicated and I would escort him to his hotel room.

The man asked me how many people were in our party. I told him that there were seven of us, but the guy that had jumped from the roof yesterday was a friend of ours.

He nodded his head then told me that he would let Lyle go back to his room if I would get everybody in my party to join him at breakfast tomorrow, I agreed.

He handed me six breakfast vouchers and security helped me get Lyle back to the room. I let everybody know what had happened and that we all got vouchers for breakfast tomorrow.

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