Skullface gets known...
Skullface gets known... 15-min-of-fame stories

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Skullface gets known...

skullface is a star on the independent scene in wrestling

he works hard and has dreamed of making it to the grandest stage of them all


he works hard week after week but seems to go nowhere

then after awhile skullface built up a reputation and started to gather some heat

he was motivated more than ever but not yet famous

he sarted getting offers from all over Impact, NXT, WWW, and even AEW

he didnt know where to until

he got an offer that he couldnt refuse the one he dreamed of one offer from the WWE

over the next few weeks skullface trained tirelessley thinking this was his big break but not knowing it was the begining of the end

until the day came of the royal rumble

he was so exited and he entered the rumble but tripped halfway down the ramp and it turned into a sprint so he slid in the ring and couldnt catch his balance

but he ended up ducked under a attempteed clothesline from ziggler and threw ziggler over the top eliminating him skullface fought valiantly yet noone thought much of it until it came down to the final 3 men Skullface, Seth Rollins, and Sheamus skullface dodges the brough kick and throws sheamus out eliminating sheamus

then seth rollins landed the super kick and then the stomp on skullface

he throws him over the top but he hung on

and then...

he pulled himself back into the ring but sheamus had knocked down the officails and gotten in the ring himself

he landed the brough kick on skullface

and seth rollins landed a frog splash onto skullface

they both then threw skullface to the outside

but he landed on the officails

he was still in it

sheamus exited the ring and went to brough kick skullface again

but missed

skullface jumped up onto the apron

and landed the recoil aka code breaker on seth

sheamus went to eliminate skullface ounce and for all

but skullface pulled down the ropes knocking sheamus to the outside where he was met by vicious chops from keith lee seth staggered to his feet

and skullface landed a superkick on seth rollins

rollins pulls himself up on the rops and skullface goes for a spear but seth threw him through the middle rope

skullface slides back into the ring since he wasnt thrown over the top rope he was still in

he didnt know what to do but somehow out of instinct

ducked underneath seth rollins superkick

and skullface stood up and just threw seth to the outside winning the rumble and then it was his turn at mania he became known and his intentions as well he went on to face Drew Mcintyre for the wwe championship

and then the fame ended when he won it...

because mr money in the bank came out of nowhere and cashed in winning the gold

skullface then went back to the independent cuiruit not knowing what to do next since the offers stopped

the end ig...

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