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I don't believe our lives are a puzzle No--


I don't believe our lives are a puzzle


I believe that life is a puzzle

The difference is

That you do not have the whole puzzle

Like some people think

You are one piece

In a larger puzzle

You fit next to some people

And not next to others

But it's not quite that simple

It's life we're talking about,

After all

You see,

Sometimes people change shape

So even if you used to fit next to them,

You may not be able to anymore

In fact,

Sometimes they have moved to the other side of the puzzle

And they are gone

They no longer complete

The picture you are creating

And sometimes,

You change so much

That you don't fit the puzzle anymore

That is how I feel

But don't jump to conclusions,

If you leave the puzzle too early,

The person you would have fit next to

No longer has anyone to complete their picture

So as you can see,

Your life is not a puzzle

You are a mere puzzle piece

Life itself is the puzzle

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