Band Aid on A Bullet Hole
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just another one of my songs

Band Aid on A Bullet Hole

Ever since you left me

been trying to forget we

ive Tried to wash off all the hurt

just throw the dirt, on my broken heart

i just wanna restart

rewind reset

but no matter what i do

i just cant get over you

I've lived out all the words in to these sad sad songs

but my heart

it still belongs

to you... to you...

It's like trying to put a Band-Aid on a bullet hole

ive lost all control

please make the world go away

for the rest of today

hmmmm mhm mmhmhmm

I keep hittin' the wall

i cant recall

the last time you loved me this way

i take it day by day

and i dont know what to say

so i just go with the flow

even tho we dont know

ooh ooh

im trying to reassemble pieces left of me

girl lets just let this be

oh thought i found love but i didnt and now your gone

now your gone with-drawn from my heart

im just broken on the inside trying to put a band-aid on a bullet hole

band aid on a bullet hol-ol-ole...

i dont wanna be no more i cant soar no more

you just walked out that door

i dont wanna feel the tears roll down my face again

cause nothing compares nothing comes close to what i feel for you

i keep strolling along through life with a band aid on a bullet hole

you stole my heart and broke it apart broke me right from the start

band aid on a bullet hole

yeah a band aid on bullet hole...

band aid on a bullet hole...

i hope you enjoyed this song!!! there are more coming of course...

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