Just a little tired.
Just a little tired.  water stories

skrixk Artist
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Ever look into the water and see yourself?

Just a little tired.

Sitting down across from a small island, i'm surrounded by rocks. there is grass and land but rocks mostly up close by the water. Gazing into the water i can see the bottom, it's mostly clear.

No one comes to this part of the lake, so it's clean for the most part.

I could see little pebbles at the bottom but looking at the surface of the water i can see my reflection, just a person gazing back at me; you could think. But no really i see my soul.

I see what i'm thinking how my life has been, what I've been through. Everything I've experienced in life.

I also can see the bags around my eyes and how tired i am, and when staring into my eyes i can see the depth within them. I can almost not look away. They're brown with a dark hollow center.

They have seen things they which they hadn't. My eyes start to feel heavy and the sun begins to set. getting more comfortable with the rocks i lay on my side and fall asleep.

The water is more than just a beverage but wild water shows a reflection sometimes it is different for others than it was me. Go to the ocean side or a lake side and tell me what you see.

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