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Soda commercials always show couples sharing a small bottle of their favorite soda, but it’s all fake.. right?

Soda Commercial

I can feel the syrupy substance slide down my throat, and I put the can down.

A man and woman walk by sharing a Coca Cola. I sigh.

I look down at my sprite can, and look back up to see my friends enjoying some Pepsi.

Everyone is laughing and enjoying soda, that they are sharing with their significant other, but I sit alone, with my Sprite in hand.

I close my eyes and chug the soda down. I put down the can before reaching to take another sip only to realize I finished the soda.

I look down. I left my other sprites at home and I don’t want to have to buy another.

I look up, and see a tall man, peering down at me with happy eyes.

“Ran out of Sprite?” He jokes, and holds out a bottle, half finished. “We can share.”

I always thought Soda Commercials were fake. But I just witnessed one in my own eyes.

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