My Writing Experience.
My Writing Experience.  writing-literature-fails-achievements stories

skittolate "Carpedium"
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Basically how I started writing.

My Writing Experience.

By: Skittolate

My first piece of "writing".

It failed. Now that I read it again, I cringe at every word because it has no plot, no character and not much of emotion.

Plan B?

Dad. He helped me out in writing. He wasn't a great writer himself, but he gave me tips – ones a rookie gets. I built on that and took my writing forward.

What Genre?

Action. Fantasy. Teen fiction. HUMOUR. LOTS OF THAT.

Point of veiw?

First person. Always. I don't know, maybe it flows more naturally for me.

Favourite Authors?

Rick Riordan. William Shakespeare. O' Henery. (I usually read books without seeing the author. Oops.)

I'm going to end this here.

Because this is my first comma story and I hope that my future me doesn't cringe and die while reading this again.

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