Update On Everything (Voting closed)
Update On Everything (Voting closed) stories

skittlesboyo Loudest voices, are the ones kept silent
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Please don't attack me- T^T

Update On Everything (Voting closed)

(Also, my apologies in advance, @bokutos_babyowl)

Alright, I'm gonna stop a lot of my writing stories/sims-

I apologize, but here's the list. (Too stressful T^T)

-DRASC (This is why I apologize, my friend- Though, if you want, I can make you a Y/N x Dean, if it makes you feel better)

-ASL (A Soulmate Life)


Also, would you like me to delete the posts about these so there are no misunderstandings, or just leave them?

Did you notice that both of my sims are on that list to discontinue- Yes, no mistake, I apologize.

I don't think I can juggle all of those- And no, I did not lie. I expected to, but then I lost all my motivation, and realized how much work I have to do without them.

So, here's the list of what I will be continuing.

-Poems/random writing (Possible different types of thriller)

-Musicals x Anime's (Depending on how many likes they get)

-Twists and Turns (Every Tuesday and Thursday)

Also, good news! I will, however, be still doing A sim. Only one.

And you'll be voting for which one from these options (Shout out to @inkdragon for being awesome and for the idea of you picking.):

Option 1- Peace Academy: A world is divided into three groups, but is trying to come together in peace, and they create the first high school to bring them together.

Continued: The Heaven's people (Angels, pure creatures, ect), Hell's people (Demons, monsters, dark beings/creatures), and the Humans. It's usually peaceful, until the new generation of them enters.

Continued again: Now trouble begins to stir.

Roles to be looking at: One cross breed M/C, three M/Cs from each side, two or three bullies/trouble makers, four Discipline Community members which are sort of MCs, and infinite side characters.

Option 2- Don't Be Scared: A teenager is dared to go into a haunted house, but becomes trapped, only to find out there were others also trapped in the house, and visible ghosts of the past victims.

Continued: How will they get out?

Roles to look at: Infinite ghosts, one human M/C, one special ghost M/C, and one house owner.

Option 3- This is Only the Beginning: A teenager discovers he can read minds, how? Not important, believe me.

Continued: Moving on, his friends also start to change after each one is given a locket by an unknown, ghostly source.

Continued again: The locket gives them one power, different from the rest, but all connect by one thing-- Ghosts and the Undead.

Continued again, again: But what happens when one of them ends up being the deceased?

Roles to look at: Six M/C humans, six M/C ghosts, six guardians of the lockets, infinite extras.

Hope those sound interesting, just vote in the comments, or Dm me, and again-- I apologize for dropping them. If you have any questions, just ask, please.

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