Twists and Turns
               Twists and Turns
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Not gonna lie.... Rereading this, I'm getting some Nagito vibes-

Twists and Turns

Chapter One: Squids

You know... The chapter names, they have nothing to do with this story of mine. What is the story about? Well, it's about chaos, death, and maybe even some love; But, you know...

The streets weren't always empty, too. It's true, they used to be filled with cars driving by, and to children walking.

I never really understood where they were walking to, but they were walking. So were the cars, they would zoom past to their unknown destination.

The children, they fascinated me most, how they would run, how they would walk, how they smiled-- Oh how they smiled. Where did their smiles go? Not here. Not anymore. Not since- Hmm.

Not since August 9th, my birthday. Why did they stop coming? I assume because of fear, or they have no choice, as they were already taken by the disease.

Hm? Well, they are afraid of the disease of course. Oh? I see. The disease changes us, humans of course, to something... Different. I've seen it happen. It was odd. I stood there. Watching.

Studying. Time went by, they finished, and it began. No, I am not one of them yet. I am one of the few survivors or it, maybe the only one.

No, I don't feel sad watching our world become chaos, I don't cry, I don't pray. There's nothing left of this world. So why do I still try? Hope that everything can be better. Simply put. Hope.

Hope, of course! It's the driver of wishes, it's the unsaid prayer, and it is my motivation. Because... I want a lover.

Someone as strong as me, or as slick, someone who has survived, and can survive. Someone to rebuild this filthy, disgusting world. Someone to help me rebuild the world's light and life.

Thank you for reading!~

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