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Here's a kind of longish short story- I entered a different kind in a contest, so please let me know any feedback you have, and please be honest.

TiTlE bEgIn

From Bad

To Good

Worse To

Better To

TiTlE eNd

I was always alone, I had no one, I was like a ghost on a breezy day. No one ever talked to me, not my parents, not my teachers, not my classmates, and I never had anyone.

I didn't have any social skills either. Then, that changed, when I met my savior, the boy named Axel...

The year of our 8th grade came, next year we would become high schoolers, so everything was coming in so fast. It was as if I was somewhat drowning in the silence of my little world.

"-is my name, I moved here from Roman, it's a small town, just a few hours away." A meekish voice spoke out to the class, it seemed to be rushed.

I looked up quickly, I was spacing out and didn't hear the first part; But there was a boy there.

The boy had fluffy, black hair, which was a bit longer than most boys in our class, but only by a little. His light orange eyes seemed to pop out with his black, circled glasses.

He was wearing the general male school uniform. Though he seemed different from the rest of the boys, it might just be my eyes, but he looked like he was about to explode in embarrassment.

"Hm, I never heard of that town. Roman." Safari repeated to herself, "Have you heard of it before, Roman?" She smirked.

I looked away and partly shrunk down in my seat as the class burst into laughter.

Axel looked at the teacher, as he silenced the class.

"You may sit down by Roman, Axel." He motioned towards me.

I kept my eyes on my paper as he passed by.

The day went on until lunchtime, the worst hour of the school day. I always dread lunch.

It's a time and place where everyone is shoved into a place to eat their lunch with other people around you. Watching your every move, preying on you like you're a chunk of fresh meat.

I don't mean to be dramatic, but I really don't like it. That is, before Axel came walking over to me. Yes me, me, Roman, sitting at the most empty table known to mankind.

He stuck up his hand as a wave, then began to speak in a sort of meekish voice, "Hey, you wanna join me?" He motioned to a table with a few people at it.

I nodded, "U-uh, sure." I stood up because I hadn't even opened up my lunch yet.

He walked over to it and pointed at the spot next to him. It was open, so I sat down.

"Ooooh, whatcha have you there, buddy!~" Harry said, smirking. He's in none of my classes, so I don't know much about him.

Immediately Axel turned a bright pink, "H-Hey, knock it off!" He glanced away.

I blinked in confusion, how did he already have a group of friends, and already buddy buddy with them? I stared at my food as the two began talking and teasing. How? "-mon." This...

This isn't fair.

"ROMAN!" I jumped as Charlotte yelled, "Why are you spacing out again?"

"O-oh, it's nothing, really." I gave a weak smile to make her back off, which she did after looking me up and down.

"So, how long have you guys been friends?" Axel said curiously.

"We aren't." I say quickly.

He frowned, "Oh."

"But we can be." Charlotte and Harry said in unison.

I looked up, "R-really?"

They nodded and Harry spoke up, "Well, sure, I mean I thought you were like a creepy voodoo master. You never spoke up or anything. You would always just sit in the back of the class and draw.

Even during lunch, you would be off in your own little world."

I blinked. So... they did notice me? I looked around at them and their smiles. Genuine smiles, at me.

"Okay, it's settled then." Axel suddenly spoke up, "This is our new friend group. We're gonna stick together, forever now. Just the four of us."

Everyone nodded, I even felt myself join in, the words sped out like bullets, "I-I won't be alone anymore!" I was shocked to hear the words come out, and so were they; But they nodded.

It turns out, my drawings were really good, good enough to win an artist contest. My drawing on first place in nationals, only because of Axel of course, and I eventually gave up on drawing to spend more time with my friends.

Though, everyone forgot about me again, I guess, but I still have my friends, and that's all I need. Sometimes people on the street wave to me and say hello. That's nice and comforting. Everything is great as long as my friends were with me and had my back.

Soon the school year flew by, so fast and quickly. Before we knew it, it was already our last year of high school. We did stick together, but not forever...

Last month, Charlotte had moved away to live with her uncles, she didn't tell us why, but she didn't come back. I assumed we would stay in touch, but she never got back to us. Our friend group wasn't the same, but that was the beginning of our new change.

Last week, Harry was walking home from his study group, and got into an accident. He was in the hospital for the entire week. He had suffered a lot from his accident. A few drunk college students were driving and ignored a red light. So, Harry walked right into their way, hitting the car spot on. He died on Sunday. Axel and I went to his funeral on Monday, so we were able to skip school.

So, it was just Axel and I. Then, he began changing. He would skip eating lunch and just stare off into space. He talked less too. I guess I was pretty stupid to ignore the signs.

Yesterday, I woke up and it was raining. I was getting to school when I got a call from a teacher, she said to turn on the news, so I did. She started to speak when I read to headline, and dropped the phone. I stared at it for a moment and ignored the teacher calling my name. Tears filled my eyes, my knees buckled as I fell to the ground. My whole life really is just a curse, huh?

"Student Dies After A Fatal Accident On A School Roof" It said.

Fatal accident? I stared at the screen, at the screen with a picture of a boy my age. A boy, a friend, a boy who had fluffy, black hair, which was longer than most boys, with light orange eyes that seemed to pop out of his black, circled glasses, the boy named Axel. People keep saying it was an accident, but I know the truth.

Someone doesn't accidentally get over a ten foot wired fence, but that's what they'll keep it as. It's not okay, but I can't do anything.

So now, I guess I'm back to square one.

It's the next day, Wednesday, and lunchtime now. I'm at my usual spot and staring at an empty table where I can almost see the ghosts of three good friends. When I hear a sort of meekish voice speak.

"Hey, you wanna join me?"

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