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This Is Only the Beginning 

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skittlesboyo Loudest voices, are the ones kept silent
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My feet are cold- I'm tired- And also- I MIGHT do a face reveal with the first chapter. Depends on how fast I get 200 followers. I don't exactly care how many I get- I just don't wanna show my face, but I do, but I don't- Ect, ect. Idk. I thought it'd be fun and a good recovery?

My hands are cold-

This Is Only the Beginning (Sim Sign Up)

*Sips tea*

. . .

So how are you?



Alright, I apologize for the wait, I know what I said-

My apologies.

I'll remind everyone of the plot/idea: A teenager discovers he can read minds, how? Not important, believe me. Moving on, his friends also start to change after each one is given a locket by an unknown, ghostly source.

Continued: The locket gives them one power, different from the rest, but all connect by one thing-- Ghosts and the Undead. But what happens when one of them ends up being the deceased?

And here are your role options: (The telepath is not an option) M/C humans/best friends: 6/6 M/C Ghosts: 6/6 Locket Guardians: 3/6 Extras (Ghosts/undead/humans): 0/∞

Before I tell you the forms, here are the roles you have to message me for: -Ghosts -Locket Guardians (I'll explain why when you message me)

Anyways, all characters of a kind a welcomed! Meaning LGBTQ, disordered, ect characters. The more original, the more I like it! ^^ Now... To the forms! ------------------------------------->

MC Humans/Best Friends Name: Age: (Between 14-16) Gender: (All is welcomed!) Pronouns: Sexuality: (If you want romance, if not, skip.) Personality: Appearance: Fear(s): Thoughts on ghosts: Extra(s): (A lot, I know-)

M/C Ghosts (Message me first, please!) Name: Age: (Appearing age and current age) Gender: (All is welcomed!) Pronouns: Sexuality: (Yes, same as before) Personality: Appearance/Type of ghost: Fear(s): (More once you message) (Still a lot- XD Continues------>)

For the types of ghosts, I mean these: (Thank you @seriousfander 36 for asking) -Ectoplasm, Perlogists, Malevolent Spirits, Wisps, Interactive Personality, ect. -Their level -(Optional) Any suggestions for your powers (Must be related to the ghosts or undead)

Locket Guardians (Message me first, please!) Name: Age: (Same as the ghost) Gender: (All is welcomed!) Pronouns: Personality: Appearance/type of ghost: Fear(s): (More once you message)

Keep in mind, I might not go with all of your ideas if you're a ghost or guardian. No, it's not because I dislike you, I value your ideas, it would just mean it just messed with the plot. Most of the guardians power/ability have been decided, though, I'm up for suggestions.

Hope you all like it!

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