"Thing" It Says (Another Thriller Thingy-)
"Thing" It Says

 (Another Thriller Thingy-) very stories

skittlesboyo Loudest voices, are the ones kept silent
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Is this okay-? I'm not good at making thriller stories-

"Thing" It Says (Another Thriller Thingy-)

TW: Blood/gore

You look out the window.

You see something mostly behind a tree.

You stand up and walk to you window.

It's gone.

You look outside from the window, confused.

You give up and turn around.

You can see it in the corner of the room.

It shifts.

It drips.

"Thing." You hear a low, scratchy voice say.

It shifts again...


More vividly.

You can't move, stuck, as if you were under water.


You black out.

You run and run.

"Th-th-thing." You hear it echo.

You turn the corner into another hall, then turn again.

"Th...ing." You hear again.

Same thing.


Same look.


Same scene.


Same THING staring back at you.

"Thing." It calls to you.

The walls drip with blood.

The ceiling seems to grin.

Inside the walls you hear screams.

An eyeball lands on you.

You shriek and fling it off.

You continue to run through the maze of halls and terrors,

When will it end?

You think as you back out of another dead end.

You see the thing again a few more times.

Then get to a small, wooden door.

You run to it.

It's very small and white...

But it also has a small keyhole.

You can't help but think this is familiar, when a bloody doll of yourself lands in front of the door.

You slide it away and push on the door.

It doesn't move.

You try again.

It appears to be locked.

You turn to try another hallway-

But it's there.



It moves closer.

The trail of blood from it, is so vibrant, it's eyes seemingly dead.

The thing creeps closer.

Where did it all go wrong?

What happened?

Where am I?

You think before you sit up wide awake.

Just a nightmare, you sigh in relief.

Then there's a knock on your door.

"It's okay, mom, I'm awake, I'll get ready for school!" You shout to the knock.

Another knock.

You sigh, "Fine, come in!"

The door swings open...

And there it is again...

That thing.

Beady eyed, skin peeled, blood dripping...

"Thing" it says.

Then you black out.

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