Q & A For Yours Truly, Welkie~ (@skittleboyo, a.k.a. me ^^)
Q & A For Yours Truly, Welkie~

(@skittleboyo, a.k.a. me ^^) q&a stories

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Q&A for my the author~ Anything you want to know.

Q & A For Yours Truly, Welkie~ (@skittleboyo, a.k.a. me ^^)

Hello, you all know me. Hopefully- BUT! I assume you'd like to get to know me better.

Some of you, however, may find it hard to Dm me, because you might be shy, might make you comfortable, or something like that (I understand and feel the same way-)-- Which is why I'm making this Q& A, here you can ask my all the questions you want.

Keep in mind, I can also deny certain questions, and please respect that.

I will @ you directly with my answers, and this will not be deleted at any time. That way you have this here if you have a question along our little journey. ^^

So, have fun, and ask away! In the comments!

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