(Part 2 Of Part 1-) Chapter 1 Of DRASC: Formal Introductions
(Part 2 Of Part 1-) Chapter 1 Of DRASC: Formal Introductions drasc stories

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Yes, some of the chapters, or maybe all, might have to be in different parts, due to the limit of words, I hope you guys don't mind-

(Part 2 Of Part 1-) Chapter 1 Of DRASC: Formal Introductions

Before anyone else could react, a figure went in between the two, Kai and Ruru.

Ruru realized it was another person, to which had wavy, hot pink hair with white stars printed on it, a black mask, sharp, red eyes, a red leash, and no shirt.

"Ah, so this is him, White Star, or Star, the Ultimate Assassin Pet." A brown haired boy stood up from where he was sitting and stared at the scene.

The pink haired person turned to the voice and nodded; Then turned to glare at Kai. Kai shrugged.

"Guess I'll have to wait." Kai then walked over to the table and sat down.

Lev huffed, "Now that all that's been dealt with, you should introduce yourself." She motioned to the person who practically introduced Star.

He nodded, "Sure, I guess, I mean, I'm nothing special or big like the rest of you guys. Jayce Ianox is my name, I have the title, Ultimate Witness. See? Nothing special.

I only have the title because of bad luck and my pride; I guess. You know? Because I've witnessed so many crimes, but never spilled a bean, I'm no snitch." He declared.

"No snitch? But-" Ruru began, but was interrupted by Jayce.

"Nope! They can't prove I knew anything, so they can't do anything to me, until a few weeks ago. I'm in juvie for the murder of Haro Emito, I'm sure you know her, but I didn't REALLY do it. They just got tired of seeing me, I guess, and I was right over her with the weapon in my hand. "Oh well?" He said, shrugging.

Ruru stood there in confusion.

"If that's all done, I think it's my turn to introduce myself." A voice called from next to Ruru.

Ruru turned to see a red headed person. He had bangs covering his eyes, his hair was as red as blood, he had pale skin, and a big, white sweater.

"Name's Yahato Akari, Ultimate Harrassar." He said calmly, before sneezing, making his bangs go up a bit, before dropping down.

Lev snickered.

Yahato turned to her, but did nothing else beyond that.

Maru took the silence as a chance, "Alright everyone should sit down, and we should finish introductions."

Everyone sat down around the table.

Ruru, trying to avoid sitting by Kai, had sat between a boy with short, light brown hair, had a black t-shirt, with white sweatshirt, fierce, orange eyes, and was holding a yellow Daisy.

He kept staring at the flower, but nothing else. On the other side of her, was- She froze realizing who this was.

He had short, light orange hair, red eyes, black glasses, a white dress shirt with a grey vest, and a black scarf-- But it was what he was known for that made Ruru scoot away a bit.

He was Mitaski Oishi, a known sexual offender around where she used to live, she tried to hide her fear. He turned and noticed how she tense up.

With a sigh, he turned to her, "Okay, listen, based on how you're all tensed up, I am not like what you've heard. Hear me out or not, but don't mistake me for one of those creeps. " He paused as everyone seemed to listen in and turn, "I am not a sexual offender, or any of the sort, you hear? I never even did anything." He said, sharply, and frowning.

Ruru looked confused, "B-but your charges-" She began.

"Nope, those are all fake, or at least, I didn't do anything. Those girls who reported me are fake, too, both things-- Fake.

" He seemed annoyed, "They reported me for no reason, all I wanted to do was have them leave me alone."

"I see, wait hold on a moment, does everyone here have an Ultimate?" Ruru said in a suspicious voice.

Everyone nodded.

Ruru blinked, "Th-then they must have gathered us and put us in this program because of our Ultimates!" Ruru declared.

"Likely." Maru nodded in agreement.

"Kay, who is left for introductions?" Two girls asked.

They were identical twins, but with different color, hair, eyes, and clothes. One had the top of her hair white, then the bottom black, and had her hair in a bow like bun.

The other had the same style hair, but had the black on the bottom, and white on top.

They had leggings and a hoodie on that matched their eyes-- One black, one white, but opposite of each other's eyes. Lev took the silence as a chance to point out the rest.

"Okay, we have you twins, ginger, Mr.Daisy, Strawberry hair, emerald eyes, creepy blue haired girl, and glasses." Lev announced points at six different people, including Ruru.

"My name is not 'Strawberry hair'." Mitsaki grumbled, "It's Mitsaki Oishi, Ultimate 'None of you biz'."

Lev raised an eyebrow, "Sheesh, what's ya problem?"

"My problem is everyone is acting so normal after what was just announced. Seriously, do none of you have any concerns?" Mitsaki said impatiently.

"Well, 'course we do, but we can't do anything about it, so why not make the best of it?" Lev shrugged.

Ruru nodded, "I guess that makes some sort of sense, but what's your real Ultimate title, Mitsaki?"

Mitsaki paused, "Ultimate Sexual Offender." He said calmly.

The mood shifted awkwardly.

"Well, our names are Blaire and Claire, but you might know us as Moonlight or Starlight, we're the Ultimate Scammers!" The twins both said in unison.

The one with the top of her hair white pointed her finger in the air, and spoke in a matter of fact voice, "I'm Blaire."

The other one did that same, but said, "I'm Claire."

"Hey! I know you two! You both scammed me before, I was supposed to get nine hundred dollars! Yeah, I remember those names, Starlight, and Moonlight. You owe me!" Jayce said angrily.

They both shrugged, "Sorry bud, you're out of luck."

Jayce sighed, he decided he would lose in the end if he continued.

"W-well, m-my n-name i-is R-Rowan... R-Rowan G-Gince. U-Ultimate R-Runaway..." A curly, orange haired boy with his hair down in a fluffy ponytail, black colored eyes, freckles, with black circle glasses, a white, fuzzy sweater, and a black and white bandana around his neck.

"Yo, you kinda stutter a lot, huh?" Lev said with a blank face, "Kinda annoying, to be honest."

Rowan's lips trembled, he took a deep breath, before speaking again, "O-okay, sorry, let me try again. My name is Rowan Gince, I'm the Ultimate Runaway."

"Better than before, but what's with the Ultimate?" Lev asked seriously.

"Well, I ran away for five years, so when I was eleven, I was recently caught, but I guess that's the longest anyone's ever ran away for?" Rowan explained.

Lev shrugged.

Ruru turned to the boy with a sunflower still in his hand, he hadn't moved from the table. The boy didn't look up, he just rested his head, and twirled the yellow Daisy between his fingers.

"Dean, Dean Reid, Ultimate Simp..." He mumbled.

Lev snickered, "Simp? How do you even get an Ultimate like that?"

Dean shrugged.

Lev turned to Maru, "Aye, who're you? You've been studyin' and orderin' things the whole time. Oh, and followin' gasses." Lev pointed at Maru as he spoke.

"Did I not introduce myself? I apologize, my name is Marurai Anchi, but you may call me Maru, and I am the Ultimate Vandal." She bowed as she spoke.

Lev blinked, "Wow, okay then, creepy girl with blue hair, you're up because your nickname is too long."

Ruru turned to look at girl with a grey button up shirt, long, pink skirt, greyish blue hair that curled at the length of her neck, long bangs covering her eyes, a buckled strap that wrapped around her shoulders, armpits, and top of her chest, and a pink dog like collar around her neck.

She seemed very nervous as she spoke, "Well, um, er- I'm Okai Luko, stupid name I know... I'm Ultimate Drinker..." She shifted uncomfortably, "It's pretty self explanatory-"

Lev shrugged, "Anyways, what about you, huh? You've just been standin' there and questionin' people." She crossed her arms and faced Ruru.

Ruru opened her mouth, but no words came out. Lev raised an eyebrow waiting.

"I-I'm... I- I don't know." Ruru binked trying to think.

Lev looked at Ruru dumbfounded, "What do ya mean ya don't know? Ya don't know your name or somethin'?"

Ruru somewhat nodded.

Lev blinked, "Seriously?"

"U-um, give me a minute." Ruru said and closed her eyes. She tried to remember who she was, "O-oh, I got it."

Lev rolled her eyes, "Jeez."

"I-I think it's Ruru, Ruru Okaski, th-the Ultimate S-Street F-Fighter..." Ruru said quietly.

Lev laughed, "Really? Ya sure? Ya don't take me as the fightin' type."

Ruru frowned, "I'm pretty su-"

"Well whatever, yada, yada, I'm goin' to check out this place." Lev shrugs, walking out of the room.

Ruru stood there and stared at the ground. Everyone else left, but Kai, Dean, Yahato, and Mitsaki.

Kai grabbed onto Ruru's wrist, "Come on, deary, I would like to show you a little something in me room!~" They pulled her towards the door, but stopped as there was a tug of Ruru's other wrist.

Ruru looked back to see Mitsaki.

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