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skittles10 A momentary abatement from pain
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This is a letter to myself to help me move on from my ex.


She cared for you once but not anymore, she gave her all but she’s giving it to someone else now.

Does that mean she wins the break up? Does winning even matter anymore?

Winning is always in your head and if you end up with her ask yourself do you actually win?

You’re trying to win the battle when instead you should try to win the war.

You shouldn’t be aiming to win for her, no win for yourself. Win for those who care for you and you care for. Show them victory.

Win by focusing on what you love, on who you love and who loves you back.

Life will give you many chances and life will take some of it away but in the end winning in life isn’t all about keeping those chances, no it’s about being ok in spite of those chances.

So don’t be mad at her she’s just another soldier trying to win the war.

Don’t be mad at him, he did what he thought he had to do to get ahead.

She was a chance that you took and let go.

Its not your fault nor was it hers, it’s what life is supposed to be, a slew of different people just trying to get through this war we call life.

You were there for her and she was there for you but your battles lie elsewhere now.

You shall be facing different challenges.

You keep thinking you are on your own but you are never truly alone.

You have people out there who care and support you.

Instead of thinking that they should be with you 24/7 why not be thankful that they give you a second of their time to help and talk to you.

So buck up soldier.

You have more battles to go through and more victories ahead of you.


There are 2 reasons to be alive.

1. Today

2. Tomorrow

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